Is this a good idea for Brave Hector? (Poll)

I still have one copy of Brave Hector left with a Res boon and even if Gamepress rather recommend a Atk or Def boon, I just wonder is it really a bad idea to go with a +Res Brave Hector? :thinking:

His Def is already incredibly high and with the right skills his Res could easily get up to 40. I know he’s got a superboon on the Def but I honestly don’t care much about Arena. I’m happy jumping around between T18-19 and in rare cases get up to T20.

My Brave Hector so far.

What do you guys think? Could this work or should I rather stick with the boon he has now?

  • Stay with +Def
  • Change his IVs into +Res

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his res needs more help. merge into res

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I run mine with +Res as well.

At 39 base Def and +4 from Ostian Counter more Def isn’t all that needed imo.

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Lain: “Mixed bulk build again


He already gets 4 extra Def points from Ostian Counter, so it’s not like he loses much. Plus going +Res helps him have an easier time tanking dragons and mages.

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Wow that’s a pretty clear answer.

Thanks guys I will merge him into the +Res one then and change his IVs.