Is this a Good Olwen build to buy?

I wanted Finn to get Blade Session or Shield Session, because on my alternate account, he has Shield Session in Hall of Forms and… Oh god is he good with it. Since I can’t get him with any of the Session skills, is this Olwen good? I know she’ll forever be neutral, but… This Olwen is destructive, to put it bluntly.


Not too shabby, replace her Weapon, Assist and B though. She’ll get her base kit when you buy her including the Weapon so getting something rarer is ideal, Reposition and Chill Res are also easy to get.


Um… My Summoning luck is pretty bad, even with getting those skills. I’m just worried about spending Dew on her, because I kinda want Cordelia to have a Spd refine on her Lance. But… I’ll just pick the first Green Tome that she comes across.

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Chill Res is in the Grail pool :fgo_mhxastare:

If you think Reposition is more valuable than something rarer like a duel Rally or Harsh Command+ then it’s your choice I suppose.


Who has Chill Res again?

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NY! Laegjarn.


Oh thank goodness, thanks :3
Kinda weird that she has it, because she’s a Lance user, but thanks :3
(I was dreading that Aversa would have it.)

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I wouldn’t worry about changing her weapon (unless you have a build in mind that wouldn’t use her prf), since she can’t be foddered there’s no point giving her a weapon you’d never use anyway. As for the B go for a lull, but I wouldn’t even worry about inheriting Chill Res down the line since you can just use the seal.

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I’d try to replace LND4, it tanks her defenses too much. She’s still going to need to take a hit.

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Tbh, I don’t think that this is worth your money. First of all you’ll have to substract a lot of stats (unless you already have a merged Olwen). After that:

1.Blue flame doesnt fit the offensive approach that LnD4 suggests.
2. LnD4 in itself is not exceptional by any means as it completely kills her defenses. At no merges she won’t be able to take a retaliation hit, making her extremely reliant on one-shots. Also it’s not a big step-up from LnD3 which is a common skill.
3. Chill res is better off either as a sacred seal or on a teammate.
4. Threaten atk/res is a nice premium skill, but not for Olwen who is a frail blademage that wants to initiate on foes from afar - meaning that she will almost never trigger her threaten.

Considering you are paying actual money for this, I’d say to either reconsider the build or just wait for future hall of forms.


WELL SHIT. I THOUGHT THIS WAS GOOD!!! (I’m upset about something else, but…)


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Hopefully you get better skills for your forma. (you still have 3 days) My suggestion is getting Swift Sparrow 3 or Atk/Spd solo, Lull Spd/Res 3 & either Rouse Atk/Def or Spd/Res.

It’s definitely an overhaul but you’ll have 9 chances to get it. Let’s hope you don’t have Arthur levels of luck…


No, I won’t buy her! She’s been doing really good with this skillset

After you’re done with all the chambers, you can try and replace her skills. Atk/Spd Push 4 and Fury 4 are in the skill rotation for her. For C, you can find Time’s Pulse or Panic Smoke.

No … I won’t get her now.

The optimal build varies, but the general, safest setup is the one I currently have.

This, with Lull Spd/Res is the best setup, IMO. And the safest. However, if you want to go riskier (and not LnD4 risky cause that’s dangerous on a bladetome unit). I’d recommend something like this, if you get lucky enough to nail it.

This would also be enough. I’ve had the luxury of having both infront of me, but I stuck with the first one cause its a safer, more consistent pick.

Up to you. a LnD4 setup could make some wonderful plays, but it’d be a bit harder to keep her alive under certain circumstances.

I think the threaten can work. Issue is that there aren’t many Tier 4 C Slot skills that I’d consider optimal for this anyway.

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My forma Olwen currently has Thunderhead (+Eff), Rally Atk/Spd+, Aether, Atk/Spd Solo, Lull Atk/Spd, and Threaten Atk/Spd. It’s juicy enough that I’m considering the forma soul, but not sure if I really want to commit to +10 her later really…

Just for everyone to note, threatens generally suck on ranged units. Sure the skill is rare but you’ll probably find yourself never using it

In the hands of the player, they’re not too bad
Just stand right out of the Danger area for melees and let them come to you

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