Is this a good starter roll?

Hey guys, I already checked the reroll tier list, where Iseria is ranked on A-tier. But after I checked the Arena Offense Tier list, Iseria is the only one on Tier 1. I’m confused if I should reroll or not.

i am kind of new, but iseria is waifu, i mean she is a very strong unit in some specific combination. you may find her a bit weak at the beginning, but with some other she became a monster (tamarinne for exemple.
Kluri have a specality change, i have yet to try her, but she is considered one of the best f2p unit. for romann i have no idea.

So you’re asking why she’s an A reroll vs S? Good question-- it really comes down to the fact that she’s not a self-sufficient carry Hero. This isn’t considered a fault though when she’s such a versatile support; cooldown reset and Defense Break are really valuable with most any Hero, especially Tamarinne and Dark Corvus. Those two synergies alone are why she’s Tier 1 for Arena. Basically she’s underwhelming at the start of the game, but picks up when you can pair her with other Heroes you’ll be pulling later.

I would recommend rerolling for Vildred if you are completely new to Epic 7. Iseria brings more worth with specific combos, such as mentioned Tamerrine, however her main role as a def-downer can be filled in by other more-accessible characters in the game until her banner comes back for luck/pity rolls. As for PvP, Offensive Team it would really depend on what Moonlight Heroes you get.

I saw a vid on YT saying that players should only reroll for Angelica despite her being a 4* Is she actually better than taking Iseria or not?

While Angelica would help you early, there is no ‘necessity’ to reroll for her anymore as there is Montmorancy’s specialty change. That video quite dated I think.

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