Is this a mistake?

i’m doing black eagles in three houses next and i’ve been thinking about doing the worst possible classes for everyone. i’m not really sure what to do with cyril or byleth since his growths are so balanced.

here's all the classes i'm thinking about using for everyone, also a maybe spoiler question

hubert-fighter->brawler->grappler->war master
dorothea-soldier->cavalier->paladin->great knight
ferdinand-monk->mage->warlock->mortal savant
caspar-monk->dark mage->dark bishop->dark knight
petra-fighter->armored knight->fortress knight->great knight
mercedes-myrmidon->thief->assassin->falcon knight
ashe-monk->mage->warlock->mortal savant
annette-fighter->archer->sniper->bow knight
sylvain-fighter->archer->wyvern knight->wyvern lord
ingrid-monk->mage->sniper->holy knight
lorenz-fighter->brigand->grappler->mortal savant
raphael-myrmidon->mercenary->hero->mortal savant
lysithea-soldier->armor knight->fortress knight->wyvern lord
ignatz-monk->brawler->wyvern rider->wyvern lord
marianne-fighter->brigand->armor knight->bow knight
leonie-myrimdon->priest->bishop->mortal savant

and for the question, if you oppose the church, does cyril stay recruited in black eagles or does he become an enemy?

i’m not entirely sure what else i could do to make this run dumb as hell.


He becomes an enemy

Also this hurts me soul so please stop doing what you’re doing, thanks


Why do people feel obliged to recruit every character in the game?

I just recruit 1 or 2 from the other houses, but that’s just me

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I need the whole party. I cannot play a game with like 10 people, it gets boring. I need them all for the supports and relics.

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Holy crap please clean up that text formatting. That’s almost physicality painful to read. Also @boxthychaser that gif hurts my eyes looking at it with that flashing text :tooobin:


If you stare at it long enough it won’t bother you anymore :upside_down_face:


Sure, because I’ll probably be to busy having a seizure to notice :tooobin:

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Also you lose Flayn too.

What mode do you typically play on when doing this kind of thing, Hard Classic? Normal Classic? I’m not saying you can’t but I guess you are sandboxing the shit out of this run.

i have to recruit all of them after the tragedy of golden deer. i recruited only ashe. i had to kill all of the other students and i still had to fight ashe. that was painful.

Wut? That doesn’t make any sense

Seizure, double vision it’s a veritable Russian roulette gif.

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it’s a golden deer specific thing. ashe leaves the party after certain plot things and you have to fight him later on. lorenz is the same for blue lions and lysithea does that for black eagles.

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Interesting. I’ve only played Crimson Flower so I can’t say much about the others.

Which one though? Edalgard or Church? Because in Edalgard’s route you can actually recruit her post time skip.

i don’t actually know. i’ve only played golden deer and i haven’t finished blue lions yet.

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But challenge runs can be fun :catroll: Looks at magic emblem Lion run eventually. Errebody a mage now run!

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I’ve played both Black Eagles routes and recruited Lysithea in part 1 for both, didn’t have to fight her as an enemy at all.