Is this a new feature?


Is this new or is it a graphic bug? I’m pretty sure this didn’t look like this before… or is it just me tripping?

Same for everyone.
Display glitch after the emergency update


Ah, I was like
images (24)

Was confused af… lol


You guys didnt realize there’s a lot of bugs/glitch in fgo recently?
Also see Sigurd banner (summon) and look who’s behind him :fgo_gaooo:


Now that’s trippy

I know it’s a Valkyrie glitch, but for some reason I imagined Ezio or Altair from Assassin’s Creed


And here I thought I was the only one :fgo_coffee: :fgo_coffee:

Glad to see I’m not trippin after that emergency update :fgo_gudako: :fgo_gudako:

By the way, what did that update even do to the game? I don’t really see any particular changes

According to Maintenance news section, it solves a random bug where a player loses their data

Hmm, not to make light of that kind of issue since it’s a serious problem to lose one’s data like that. But, 18 MB size of emergency update and that’s it? I thought there would more to the update. Like more bug fixes or Skadi for one, I’ve been waiting for her to come out since a week ago and her banner still ain’t there.

The emergency update got me excited for nothing. Hmph… :fgo_coffee: :fgo_coffee:

Why would you expect new content releases in an emergency update?

Because I heard some news that Skadi’s banner would be coming in a few days. In my defense, I haven’t really been up to date with FGO news lately, so when I heard her banner was about to become available in NA server, I was excited and had been preparing ever since.

I thought that update was IT, but guess not :disappointed: :disappointed:

By the way, when is she coming exactly?

Probably the morning after the stream on the 6th, because maintenance and timezone BS.

Hmm… only a few days to go then. Thanks for the info, it helps :fgo_ereshsmile: :fgo_ereshsmile:

Now, I’ll just go back to preparing (saving) the SQs and the buckets ready for when that day come. It’ll no doubt be the most saltiest banner we’ll ever experience in the NA server this year :fgo_casgilworry: :fgo_casgilworry: :fgo_gudako: :fgo_gudako:

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Yep, in JP supposedly (from what I’ve seen on GP, is that the profits tripled compared to other banners if i recall correctly. Lotta salt for sure xD

To say nothing of all the SQ and the like we’re going to get the morning maintenance is over (well for me it will be July 7th).

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Damn, now I’m both excited and dreading for her banner to come after hearing that :fgo_casgilworry: :fgo_casgilworry:

The salt is real with the Queen of Quick if the profits tripled that high. Skadi is true to her title, she’s too quick for most masters to summon lightly, no pun intended :fgo_gudako: :fgo_gudako:

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Hehe, yeah. You know the 50 day milestones that give you 20 SQ? Yeah that’s going to change to 30 so those of us who have played for a while are going to get all the SQ for the milestones we went through. I’m almost to my 750th day, lol. So regardless I’m getting 140 SQ on the 6th in addition to whatever else their gifting us with.

@AbyssNova Thanks, I knew it was some absurd amount but not that much xD


Same here. I think I’ve reached about my 550+ or 650+ login days this month. Not sure how many SQs I’ll get next time, but more SQs the better in my opinion :fgo_ereshsmile: :fgo_ereshsmile:

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Just dreaming but, what if for this 4th of July NA gives us 244 SQ?

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Why, would that much given to you reach the milestone you’re looking for?