Is this flygon worth investing 170k stardust?

so I recently evolved my 100% purified vibrava into flygon. I noticed that flygon has a high rank on the UL premier cup, and the cp calculator in GP says that 170k stardusts and 178 trapinch candy to reach 2490 cp and unlock 2nd charge move. Is this worth investing?

Nice flex/yes/but you need Earth Power (CD move) as one of your moves.

Also very useful in Rocket stuff.

You don’t NEED earth power. You could just roll with earthquake\dragon claw. The only drawback is earth power is the cheaper move and flygon isn’t one to stick around too long.
Could always wait up until folks have had a go at ULPC. It might be good on pvpoke due to the potential of shield baiting with dragon claw. I don’t really see it’s place in the meta. Loses to Dragonite, and the ground typing tends to cancel out a lot of its resistances to the starters.
I agree with Orion on it’s swag in rocket battles. You don’t get much faster than mudshot\dragon claw to get rid of shields.

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I think that Flygon’s performance will be better on the premier cup of ultraball, because Gira gira will no longer be there bothering.

Now unlocked 2nd charge move, now MS/EQ/DC

i think im just going to collect stardusts and trapinch candy

It doesn’t make me win a lot (at least not in GL or normal UL) but man I love playing with this thing. Generally speaking EQ has a slightly higher win percentage over Earth Power. Not sure how this works in practice though

I played one with Earth Power in UL and it’s a lot of fun, but sometimes I do wish I had extra strength from Earthquake. That said, I also don’t want to lose out on speed, so it’s a really tough choice. Would be nice asking someone who’s played EQ extensively whether or not they miss the speed.

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