Is this guy any good

please tell me what i should do with him

His kit is average, but he has the second highest attack of 4* lancers.

Here’s a link for more information


/ oh thanks bro

no problem


I think you have the wrong Li.
That said their skills aren’t that different so most of what is in that review should apply.


my bad.

Sorry sorry i put the link in for a lancer class ver of him oops.

This is the correct link,has%20a%20dodge%20for%20emergencies.


General tip: you probably shouldn’t roll the banner if you aren’t familiar with the rate-up Servant unless your SQ supply is effectively unlimited.


damn it’s just i’ve used so many gems on this banner

I would suggest for future reference, to look up a servant’s info in Gamepress or the FGO wiki. Do this so you can see what their abilities are and who they are.

This way you can see if you are interested in the character or not. There are various forms of information here so don’t be afraid to ask questions in their respective threads like this one.

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Never keep rolling on a banner because you’ve already spent a lot. That’s just throwing good money after bad.

No matter how much you’ve spent already, the probability of you getting stuff in your next roll is the same as for another person just starting their rolls. There is no pity system, and the probabilities are independent.

Save your Quartz while you still can.

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the moment i get 30 quartz i multisummon them all

like i don’t save them

Then you’re actively handicapping yourself. There are Servants in this game which are objectively very strong in comparison to other Servants, and blindly throwing Quartz at the first banner you see instead of looking ahead and planning future rolls will get you nowhere.

FGO is a game where supports (Waver, Merlin, Tamamo, Skadi) matter a lot, and having one or more of the four listed makes the game significantly easier. Getting one of them is a far bigger boost than 2-3 good DPS SSRs.

If you’re going to be dumb, at least be smart about it.


bruh im sorry i wasn’t being smart i just started haha i thought that like if my rate goes up with each summon more likely i am to get a 5 star which would be rlly good.

This isn’t feh


Shhh, let him dream.


tell me my spine hurts real bad nooooooow demonic screams of pain

Yeah, the rate of summoning a 5* never rises above 1% no matter how much you roll. Though come this anniversary (early July for NA) summoning will change so you will get a 11th roll for the price of 10.

The only time that anything is ever garanteed on a roll are the garanteed 5* banners that appear twice a year (new years and anniversary), must use paid quartz, and are limited to one pull only. Those are garanteed one 5* servant in the roll, though more is possible if you are super lucky.

hey i just think 5 star good

My advice is, if you really don’t read the story’ at least you need to read a lot from a lot of web sites like the fgofandom, this Gamepress, and some yt channel like xnaya, honako, plushie, touhousniper98, etc.

Also it is applied to all of fgo events and upcoming banner. Based on how frequent u asked. No offense though