Is this Master Premier team as good as PvPoke says it is?

image (Dragon Breath + Crunch and Aqua Tail)
Image (Bullet Punch + Meteor Mash and Earthquake)
image (Lick + Body Slam and Superpower)

I chose Superpower for Snorlax because Metagross has Earthquake and Gyarados has Dragon Breath, but am open to changing its moveset (or even replacing it entirely).
What puzzles me is that PvPoke gives Snorlax a massive win over Magnezone with Superpower but a narrow loss with Earthquake.

…or I could use good ol’ Machamp in place of Snorlax?

Superpower charges a lot faster than EQ, so yeah, if it’s 1-1 you may not survive.

The thing with Magnezone is that PvPoke simulates that you throw your Superpower after their Wild Charge(s). Which makes sense, but usually Magnezone switches out after that and clears it’s debuffs. Also, PvPoke assumes you succesfully bait (and Magnezone too). I don’t think Magnezone simulations are useful in practice too (besides from the damage output you do with your moves, of course). You also have to take into account that a Magnezone has a higher attack and thus wins CMP. So unless you catch them perfectly on the CMP, they can easily throw two Wild Charges in a row when they have that stacked up.

Superpower does 56% damage while EQ is… well doesn’t matter, it’s always an OHKO. If you manage to land it to KO the Magnezone, you get debuffed everytime you used one. Which means that the next pokemon can easily sweep you up - an advanced player will definitely get extra energy here. So as a closure move, it’s great against Magnezone. Other than that… pretty risky.

I think it’s a huge advantage in the Snorlax mirror matches though. But in practice, it’s pretty predictable how it will go when you face a Magnezone lead; you switch out to either Snorlax or Metagross, they’ll throw a hard-hitting Wild Charge and then switch out.


How about this for a ML Premier team?

image (Dragon Breath + Crunch and Aqua Tail)
Image (Bullet Punch + Meteor Mash and Earthquake)
Image (Counter + Cross Chop and Rock Slide)

Machamp would nicely cover the weakness to Magnezone. Not sure why PvPoke gives Metagross a win over Electivire (and has Metagross use Meteor Mash over Earthquake in that matchup).

I already have maxed, perfect, double-moved Metagross and Machamp (just need to TM the latter from DP) so I just need to either max out another 98% Gyarados or Elite TM my already-maxed one. If the 15 defence bulkpoint is as important as a Reddit thread claims, I would definitely max out a second as my existing one has 14 defence.

Sounds solid. You’ll have to play out a Togekiss lead though should you encounter one. And if using Machamp as the safeswap and someone pulls out their Togekiss, at least Metagross can farm a ton of energy after that

With Gyarados as starter? I don’t know. At least last season many people used magnezone as starter. Then you would have to switch to metagross, cause a switch to machamp often results in death. Snorlax from the above team is a better safe switch I suppose.
Metagross uses meteor mash cause it deals enough damage to electivire after he played a wild charge with dmg debuff. Electivire is rare anyway, but I guess we will meet some shadows.
@MartijnLW - with Metagross afterwards you will have to burn at least one shield vs togekiss; two if the opponent baits. Not THAT great

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True, however a Metagross with energy is a force to be respected, and it will likely win back your shields too. I guess the baiting part comes to counting the opponents moves. Most people tend to throw the cheapest move as fast as possible

I have not decided which of the three to lead with. Would Metagross be a better lead?

I found finding a lead in premier difficult. Of course it depends on the rest of your team. You always have to think of what could come, when to switch, to what, do you have a generalist safe switch and so on. Popular leads last season were togekiss, magnezone, Dragonite, sometimes Gyarados , machamp, swampert and garchomp. Metagross a bit more rare because it takes a longer time to charge. That said it is not bad as lead, you can built up some energy and then switch to e.g. a Snorlax. Also you are only forced to switch when encountering a garchomp or rare mud slap rihornior. Magnezone is so-so, cause you are doing not much damage with the fast move and the first charged move - on the opposite magnezone won’t use it’s debuffing wild charge early, or directly switch afterward. Gyarados is similar, it takes some time to charge crunch so you can decide whether to shield that or built energy and then switch out with built up energy. When encountering togekiss you will likely force the opponent to switch to a Metagross itself but because of togekiss in the back you cannot stay in for long then… Or they bring machamp or ground-type or magnezone from the back.
Swampert is of course dangerous for your complete team, at least Gyarados resist it’s moves, but because of not dealing superhigh damage (DB is worse here than WF) it can build up energy against it.

I used a smack down rhyperior with superpower as lead cause it was good vs Dragonite and togekiss and also not bad vs magnezone and snorlax and when facing a Metagross I just could fire off a superpower and then switch to my metagross to catch the meteor mash in time. You should think a similar way with your team; but I don’t have experience with the new Gyarados of course. It is half an all-rounder, but very weak of course to magnezone, so yes, it can lead, but prepare to switch directly to something neat when you see magnezone. When switching to Metagross from gyarados people will likely stay in, baiting or firing off two WC, when switching to machamp, people might switch to togekiss or Dragonite and farm you down. Both situations can be quite dangerous