Is this my best possible team rn?

Hi i wanna know if i can make a better team than my future/god ki team that i have now. I see people in pvp with around 3.8m power level while im a mere 3.2… any tips?

That is because your Ssb Kioken, Mai and Ssb Vegeta are not soul boosted. Soul boost them to increase power level. It also gives 10 cc per 40 panels so it’s great to soul boost. And wait, Mai buffs future at 6* (I could be wrong please check her Z Ablility). You can also use Revival Cell (red) in place of Mai as he is better than Rose (red) I future.

But who should i remove for cell than? Mai now gives future +18 health at 3* and rose (red) give +30 to future and god ki in strike attack&defence.

Revival cell only buffs regeneration and android which none are and a merely +18 powerful opponent strike defence buff

I cant soul boos unless i use about 250/300 cc, worth the stones?

Ok i decided to remove vegeta ssb green since he gives 19+ strike def to god ki and cell gives 18+strike def to powerfull opponent. Im soulboosting mai and ssb goku.

Thats a great decision. DO NOT SOUL BOOST WITH CHRONO CRYSTALS. Use your Rising souls to do it. They are very very easy to get. Just go on the missions tab and in the Upgrade section, there will be soul levels for every color. Using CC for Soul Boosting is a blunder in my opinion. You can also get souls from exchange shop, Adventures and story. If you need any help regarding soul boosting, ask me, it’s better than wasting CC.

One more tip, if you don’t like the Cell and prefer Rose (red) more, then don’t use cell. Put another buffer there. I like the cell personally, but everyone has their opinions. Rose is better Tank and can nullify element disadvantage. Cell on the other hand, has two health bars and great damage output. Take your pick.