Is this O'Beast


no this is Patrick

Nice build btw. I have a +atk Henry that I need to get around to building (might need an IV change though). He was one of my favorites from Awakening


where teh lull atk res doe

yeh Henry is great. I feel opting for +Atk is outdated, and it never really fixed his real issues, and it doesn’t make him shine in what he really stands out (which is, tanking). +Def is the way to go if you really want to make him stand out as a physical tank, and +Res makes him surprisingly mixed bulk.

He was also one of my favourites in Awakening, and he was definitely an odd duck for a long time, when it came to his unit “concept”.


Sarcasm or not, I actually have considered it. The trade-off seems fairly even. I don’t think visible buffs are that popular in the current “meta”, and the +(-3) Atk/Res may or may not make a massive difference. Taking an extra 3x2 is basically the same if you just heal 6HP…but the extra “Atk” does help.