Is this really worth it?

It takes 10,000,000 QP just to increase the limit by 1. I could understand 1,000,000 maybe but not 10 million for it. Unless reaching that new Bond level gives a HUGE reward.

I mean if you wanna keep using her without wasting Bond then it’s not such a big ask, especially with a lotto coming soon

Getting to a new Bond level gives a whole 30 SQ, pretty significant I’d say


It’s a little over a million Bond Points for 30 SQ so it’s only worth to use on anyone you expect to use a lot and/or shove in the backline


I know you’re QPoor right now

But 10M QP is a drop in the bucket, my friend. Go for it.


Lotto’s coming up fast, you’ll get 10mil QP in no time. Go for it, especially if it’s for love.


QP is a plentiful resource as long as you spend a little time and effort when lotteries and raids come around, especially if you aren’t whaling up a bunch of new Servants to raise.


I think it is a bit weird to be concerned with a farmable resource like QP but ignoring that you will be using up one of the 3 bond grails you have :fgo_casgilworry:


Like @qaumufun said… If you are not a whale or a veteran then you probably don’t have RP to buy the lanterns from
the RP shop so no need to worry abt the 30~40 mil QP on a servant that you use a lot and want to get bond on… At the end of the day it is just converting QP into SQ so if you want that then do it else you can also not do it as it isn’t really gonna add anything to your account by having a bond 15 servant except for flexing purposes…

I personally have given the lanterns to my OG Saber and Tamamo Caster coz I like them a lot …


I only have 26 million right now. But 30 Quartz? Are you pulling my leg? The 6th through 10th levels only gave 3.


I love watching people become a member of the day’s lucky 10k.


The bond point cost for levels beyond 10 is much greater.

My personal bias. Yes.

If you want a practical reason though, assuming you are still playing in 2 years, the extra bond levels will provide servant coins to unlock append skills and level them (with a grail) beyond 100 up to 120.

My Majin-san will go to 120 the day the update drops.


Like people have mentioned… We get a lotto in a few weeks and that is gonna give 100+ million QP if you farm it so there is no need to worry abt QP… And yes it is 30 SQ per level after bond 10 but it takes a mountain of bond points to gain each level and it just gets harder and harder as you increase the level…


its good for not wasting bond points and keep using your favourite. Also 30 quartz is nice

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I would only recommend that on servants you know you use a lot and supports, it takes an absurd amount of time just to go to bond 11 and lanterns are very limited.

The 30 SQs you get are a very small bonus so it’s more of a way to not waste bond points.

Except if you get a SSR out of it in the gacha! :fgo_insane:


meaningless hypothetical, because you won’t :fgo_insane:


Then either I’m a unicorn, or Merlin’s bond sq are especially magical. :fgo_bblaugh:


Dick magic is the best magic.


If I never try, I won’t know. I got 30SQ, I roll! :fgo_insane: