Is this -spd chrom still salvageable?

Just got this chrom and wanted to know if it’s worth keeping him.

I was thinking about giving him this build to make up for his spd, but don’t know if its worth it.

I think you’re better off not going for speed. While it is definitely possible to hit good speed (he hits 48 speed on end phase with a speed buff?), you’re using skill slots for speed when they could go to different stats.

He’s got good attack and defense - 61 attack and 39 defense when his HP is below 100%? You could make him a physical wall/dragon check.

However, if you really wanna do speed, why not run another Brazen Atk/Spd seal?


That’s a really good idea,I didn’t even think about his defense because of the spd stat. You think double braz atk/def would be good or one with braz atk rez?

Well, you could probably run Close Def seal if it’s not already taken. You don’t get the attack boost but you get the instant +6 on enemy phase. I dunno if running Aether is the best on him because of his his Falchion works. If going with a defense wall build then you may just want to run Bonfire.

Sealed Falchion
Close Def
Quick Riposte
Whatever C
Close Def

He reaches 57 defense on enemy phase provided he has a +6 defense buff. :thinking:


This build will work wonders with the cav team he’ll be on. Thank you for the build, I was going into the wrong direction with him lol.

Chrom can definitely do a speed build, it’s just that he has a speed superbane so he has a whole four less speed to work with.

If you get another and merge him, then a speed build is definitely plausible.

Ok then, that would help him not get doubled so easily, if I do get another one then I may go that route.