Is this the last banner for Mordred rider?

I’ve been looking really close at comps for looping, because I don’t have one.
I checked the GP page for Surmo, and I don’t see any more future banners. So fearing that it is indeed the last banner available for her and fearing that I may lose a good chance at getting Surmo, I am asking this.

I am saving for Skadi, but the only DSS compatible servant I have is Parvati. If skadi doesn’t grace my Chaldea then I can only fall back to Arts-Loops, which I have not done before.
I need SQ for Skadi, but I want Surmo as well. Help.

As far as we know, yes.

They could always release a future banner, but it hasn’t happened yet on JP. IOW I wouldn’t count on another rate-up, and not for 2+ years if it does happen again.


If you check out the GP page for the characters it will tell you all their known upcoming rate ups under the profile section.


Unless DW comes up with some kind of method so we’re able to get limited 4* Servants again. Like… just… adding them to the annually SR Ticket!!! Why is that so hard I wonder?
DW doesn’t gain anything from bottling those Servants up like this.
Summer 4*, Passionlip, Fujino, Miyu… They don’t seem to plan on giving them another banner anyway, so why not just handing them out for free then? Nobody would lose anything. Everyone would be happy.


DW is definitely keeping someone like Fujino in their back pocket

I could see them doing a Sakuraface banner for HF3 and adding her but…unlikely.

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They definitely gain, because that’s what drives the initial rolls: FOMO.

If anything, they are smart to keep these Servants in reserve. They can also do a retro banner at some point if they are dry on new content and need to stall while making money.

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You didn’t get Sieg?


Not people who whaled to get them, especially if they whaled for NP5. They’d probably be pissed. And let’s face facts, it’s the Whales that pay for FGO to keep running, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to piss off your primary source of revenue.


They have for some of them.

  • Martha Ruler shows up in the Christmas 2020 banner
  • Nobuzerker shows up in the GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji banner
  • Summer Raikou shows up in the KYOMAF banner in 2021 for NA
    (does NA even get KYOMAF banners? Not sure on this last one.)

So they’re willing to insert them into event banners over time. I hope this trend continues.

Or we could even get a Limited SR Ticket. There was an SSR ticket in JP, so anything could happen.


Previous KYOMAF banner was repackaged as part of Thanksgiving - would expect them to do same for next one this year


For SSRs yes, but I’m doubtful about SRs like Summer Raikou.

for general pool SR - yeah. But as she is limited, see no reason to exclude her

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Yes, I know that.
But that’s just a minority. 4 out of 17 total so far (Summer 4 SRs not included yet). And the number is just increasing.
And regarding Summer Raikou: It’s the KYOMAF Banner. We’ll have to wait and see if NA includes her in the Thanksgiving Banner as well.

What I’m asking for is another chance for a bunch of them at the same time. Not just 1 every 6 months. Even if it’s just the Ticket were you can only choose one. But at least you get to choose out of all of them.

I did, haven’t raised him because I have Kscope and Nitocris. It’s not for 3T but Illya can clear wave 3 otherwise. I want Surmo because she’s good even at NP1

Sieg hits as hard as NP2 Surfmo at neutral damage tho.
If you want her for waifu reasons then go ahead, but Sieg is already a good looper if you’re going only for gameplay.


I’d like this, even if it was obtained via paid quartz.

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Thanks for the info!

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Maybe they plan to add another GSSR, only this one is GLSR.

15 paid saint quartz for one guaranteed 4* limited servant in a 10 roll.

If they do this 2 times per year, they get double the annual GSSR income.