Is Thokk any good?

So Feh decided to reward me for reckless behavior by giving my two Lokis in maybe 80 orbs or so. With exactly the IV I wanted, no less! Which makes me feel like I need to treat this waifu to a nice plate of people-guts so she can be good and stronk 'n that.

I’m also more tempted than I’d like to admit to just go for a +10, since the odds of doing that on this banner actually seem pretty decent, but that’s a different talk.

These’re her stats and stuff right now:

And I’m deliberating what to do with her. I have access to Attack/Speed Push 4 from a Brave Camilla manual, which is pretty tempting. But if I wait until I have feathers to promote Petrine, I can grab Wrathful at the same time, so it feels like a bit of a waste to do that if I’m not going to also use Wrathful, and Loki’s staff has that effect baked in.

So is Thokk worth keeping? I like its effect, but I’m not very good at aiming the one-column skills, and realistically it seems pretty niche outside of AR, which I only play very very casually. If I replace it, I think probably I’d go with Palm Staff for the extra speed effect, since I don’t have many good staff options available right now.

But I’ve also like basically never built a staff unit, so I’d love to hear some other opinions!


While I don’t have a Loki, Thokk seems like a pretty helpful staff for AR offense, because you can just inflict gravity on whoever you want. There are basically 3 healer builds that everyone copy-pastes onto the staff unit of their choice because of the lack of available skills. I don’t suggest turning her into a tank though.
Keep in mind that these suggestions are very expensive, so I would suggest against doing them unless you really like her and plan on merging her. Also look for others’ advise first




Yeah there’s like zero options for staff units isn’t there :C I would say I don’t really see myself merging her up any more, but her sharing a color with Veronica is pretty spicy and it looks like her banner will still be around when I know what the AHR one is going to look like, so there’s time to second-guess that. I like Loki a lot, though, and apart from maaaybe Forrest I don’t really have any other staff units I’m massively keen on right now, so I might not mind giving her something expensive, but it probably is better to wait and see what happens.

Thanks for opining :D


Imo, Thokk is okay, but I’ve never really found Gravity to be as good as Isolation. Aerobatics, Air/Ground Orders, Guidance make Gravity irrelevant . Heck, some dancers are immune to Thokk (Mirabilis). But if you aren’t going for an AR build, then Thokk is unique enough to keep on.


Thokk is pretty niche for AR, but it does work well there. I used to use it for my vantage team just because a mobile gravity tower was great for controlling the opponent, but nowadays her effectiveness has kind of fallen off.
Most AR teams I fight now use ground orders or restore+ to circumvent/ eliminate gravity effects.
Honestly if you do build for Thokk, I’d say go all in on support, because she’ll probably be stuck in the back where there’s enough room for positioning


imo Thokk is basically the reason you use Loki. Its pretty much the main thing separating her from demote healers like Emmeryn/Natasha because, while they have worse off stats, they’re easier to merge and are able to run offensive sets on the same level as Loki if a tiny bit worse than her.

Best way to use Loki is as a supportive healer. moomoo’s first set is basically one of her better ones but I suggest running infantry pulse instead if you have a more infantry heavy team.

Loki’s main issue is not that she’s bad, its just that there are so many support mythics that its hard to find a spot for her on the team imo.

Good news is that if IS starts doing gen 2 healer refines then Loki should be getting one within this year.

An offensive set for her would look more like this imo (which is similar to a set I run on Mikoto):

Assist skills and specials are pretty flexible on any healer unless its a super specific build.

Palm Staff+ is basically a requirement on any offense speed based healer (without a prf) because it gives them so much more speed to work with, allowing them to double almost anyone who doesn’t stop follow ups with prfs/skills.


Sudden Panic, IP, on such a team, in line with your weakest point of attack so mage nukes will have a hard time hitting and running.
(Ex. Shown on a team with Lif and Thrasir)

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She’s very strong on ar-offense and if nothing else is worth holding onto for her inevitable refine sometime this year

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And for when he wakes up

@z3k you use Loki quite frequently

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That’s a good point about Natasha and Emmeryn, but at the moment I only have I think 4 copies of the latter and none of the former, so I don’t really see myself investing into them for quite a while. The 4* staff unit I do have more copies of is Forrest, but I feel like he’s less of a direct competitor.

And personally I like Loki more than I like either of the two that you mention, so I don’t necessarily mind building her to do something they can do just as well. Provided it’s not just a huge waste because Thokk is, like, the definitively best thing to use her for. But I also don’t actually have many mythics at all right now, so if that’s one of the things that makes Loki difficult to use well in AR that might be less of a factor for me and more of an argument to just aim on using her as a Thokkbot for now (The account I’m on is pretty new, so I only have the three free one and Seiros).

I appreciate the input!


As a healer girl myself I will give you my builds of two of my most used healers
Offensive Forrest and to a lesser extent Lucius, both of them work well, specially Forrest :feh_faedance2:

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Her HP is still decent enough for the job and most ranged units can’t compete very well anyway due to lower BST.

But generally, Thokk isn’t a staff for PVE and casual use. It’s a staff you’d use in Coliseum (arena assault) and AR to mess with the ranged-heavy space oppression and sometimes even turn 1 shenanigans like restore traps.

Like this copy-pasted defense (using Thokk on the ranged cav gives you a lot of freedom to set up, snipe buildings, and units)

and cavlines, and slowing down L!Leif/L!Chrom/L!Azura in arena assault, and whatever.

If you really like Loki, slap on dazzling on her B-slot and whatever you can and want for her weapon and skills. Almost all the staves are useful, she can provide infantry support with Infantry Pulse, Flash, Rush, and Breath, can run Time’s Pulse with her Balm, has the HP to panic, and her statspread means stacking her speed and her defensive bulk makes her deceptively bulky very quickly.

But you already know that last part, it’s already been covered. Enjoy your Loki.



I think the word you’re looking for is “irrelevant” but yeah, warping is kind of a pain and imo, deserves to have counterplay introduced.


Changed it, thanks.

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