Is Tristan good?

I have seen that he has many interesting support features, like a NP that generates stars, a 1-hit party evade, a NP battery, and a skill that strip a enemy of his buffs.

The downside probably is a bad card damage…and i wonder: is NP1 damage good enough?

Anyway, this quick archers would work well if paired with Atalanta or a quick servant like Melt?

Do you know how is usually made a Tristan party for story / CQ quests?

I have Tristan and he works surprisingly well in most story and challenge quests. NP damage at NP1 with 1000 attack fous is…meh. OK vs sabers (around 30-50k, maybe?), really quite meh otherwise without class bonus.
The dude does crit a lot and especially vs sabers, he can crit them silly. Pretty much “generate stars, then crit to generate more stars to crit with”.
I was using a team of Tristan (with 2030 fragment) + Fuuma + Jalter for the majority of this year and once it gets going, they tear through enemies like hot knife through butter.

Hope this answers your question.

As someone whose use tristan a lot (and grailed him)…

I hate to admit this but yeah, tristan’s NP at NP1 is kinda weak. (tbh damage is his main weakness since he don’t hv a skill that could increase his damage). But he can firing his NP pretty often.
In few weeks (if im not mistaken) he will get an interlude, (his NP will ignore defense post interlude) but idk if post interlude his NP at NP1 is still hit like wet noodle or not.

You better pair tristan with someone that could provide quick buffs like atalanta / wu / alex / helena / rider ishtar / lancer scathach / skadi (in the future). Actually hans / waver / caesar / chiron (in the future) is viable too, since they can boost his crit damage. (additionally chiron have targetable tri-color buff too so he can boost all of his card’s damage including NP).

I usually use him in cq if the enemy doesnt hv sure hit/pierce invisible and if enemy has aoe np(but actually i used him on salter cq too). In the story… I usually use him against class advantage enemies.

But trust me, you will be satisfied seeing him making about 40 stars from his NP-Q-Q chain. (good enough actually, though it’s not god tier of stargen). And if NP damage isn’t enough, you can utilize a crit team for him since archer star weight is high and he have independent action passive that boost his crit damage a little.

This probably won’t enough but glad if you can found your answer from here.

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Tristan’s damage is pitiful. But that is not why you use him.

You use him for his utility. His ability to remove buffs and 1 hit dodge are godly if you can’t get ahold of Merlin or Jeanne d’Arc.

He and Jeanne were instrumental in helping me clear Gawain in Camelot before Merlin came out.

you could just have charmlocked him

I did to the best of my ability at the time.

However, Neither my Eurayle nor the support Eurayle I used along with Tristan and Jeanne had the skill to reliably charm lock him back then.

The buff stripping and Harp of Healing are huge, especially if you’re a hipster like me and avoid bringing Merlin unless desperately necessary. He was very nice to have when going through the CCC grind. Pairs well with Nobu – he can make a good amount of stars for her to scoop up. He’s essentially just Better David, and David is very very good for his rarity.

Wait for Santa Attila. She’s an automatic NP5, can generate stars with her NP and her Passives are way better than Tristan’s. She’s coming this December so it’s not too far away.

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I tried using Midsummer’s Dream CE on him while being paired with 2030 Sherlock and support His Rightful Place Merlin in a quest swarming with zerker chimeras, and I’m sad to say that his NP damage is a joke to 100% critted Sherlock’s card. He pukes stars like crazy with that CE alright, but Sherly snags all those stars, and the next time his NP bar full, I opted to use all three Sherly’s critted cards and finished off a 100K chimera compared to 80K damage on 300% charge Failnaught

So, yeah, his damage needs more work, and don’t ever try to pair him with Sherlock, because he’s a star-snagger who have no class advantage except against Moon Cancer (but I still love him because he’s my first SSR aside from GSSR).

And, oh, let’s not forget Tristan’s evasion last for one hit, not one turn, so ST-NP enemies will have to pick their noses until those evasions ran out (if they don’t have sure hit, ofc).

I’m certainly looking forward to when I’m able to build proper quick team with Tristan, but until then, I’ll just abuse Sherly’s crit damage :rofl:

He gets an NP Upgrade very soon, not that it makes him deal that much more damage (33%).

I get the feeling that Tristan is worthy only for his party evade and debuff skill. But, does only 2 skills makes him worthy of being used?

I mean, if i waste the 4 star ticket on someone useless on everything he does save for a few skills… that would annoy me, i admit

not really, with the right CE, you could make him into star generator as his Quick NPQQ chain will puke enough stars to 100% crits the next card draw. And seeing how people keeps mentioning Skadi, I guess NP-looping him to make more stars is doable, if not fun :thinking:

50% NP Charge, Upgraded NP, high hit counts (stargen capability), good NP Gain, in addition to buff removal/teamwide Evasion which we all know how strong that is.

Then there’s Def ignore/Sure Hit.

Tristan is really strong, but he’s also an extremely rare Servant that on release lacks oomph. Up to you whether you prefer that.

The problem is that i like his skills, but i do not really like him.

On the one hand, i am tempter to raise my recent nero spook to NP2, on the other hand there is Tristan that i do not have, but with good skills… but i do not like him

And i have this doubt that if i take him, i will miss the chance to NP2 nero

well, when it comes to like/dislike, then I have no say, because I burned Lancer Raikou and Larter simply because I don’t like their designs. Go ahead and NP2 Nero, because me too, is guilty for playing FGO just to collect my favorite characters, utility comes second, because that’s what friend list are for :crazy_face:

Is he good? Yeah, for everything mentioned above. Is he very powerful? Not really, most of the time he generates decent numbers of stars and uses his skills when needed. He’s not powerful due to NP damage(frankly it’s probably one of his weaker parts) but the amount of shit he can do in CQs is great, so him at NP whatever is good.
You don’t really pair him up in Quick teams, you just order change him in whenever you need his help , or slap 2030 on him and chill in my experience.
Frankly he’s interchangeable with David, if you need skill seal, charisma and slightly stronger Np damage(have fun charging it though) use David, if you need some extra stargen(if you somehow aren’t using Merlin/2030 for a crit based team), buff removal and a slightly easier time getting off an NP, use Tristan.

Yep, there are times when it’s too risky to bring caster support like Merlin like when facing Rider-swarmed CQ, some people might still YOLOed and brought him anyway for as long as they could endure, but it doesn’t hurt to bring lesser backup support in case your expensive borrowed support fall first (there are times when our beloved Memelin got bullied for no reason and had to leave early after exhausting all of his skills too). And Tristan (or David!) could double as damage dealer in a last straw attempt kind of situation.

So, there’s that.