IS, what is that shit

Why can’t you just give him workable Speed for fucks sake, we’ve enough mixed tanks garbage.
You could’ve atleast gave him 30 Speed, why do they keep doing this shit I can’t understand.


I mean, he does have some of the best defensive stats for a dancer.

That alone is pretty good.

Mixed tank stats aren’t stopping me.


At least he has the highest Atk/Def of all the dancers and second highest HP (Ninian still rains on top of that but just by 1)

I like his stats for a dancer, and we have quite a few fast refreshers anyway


When a DANCER got more bst and a better min/maxed statline than DK…


When a dancer has only 1 less Spd and the same HP but everything they have more stats in


Okay but have there been ANY fast Berkuts in the game? A lot of dancers have decent speed so I’m glad he’s more minmaxed


it’s not like low Spd stopped people from building speedy Berkuts


That’s the thing:

He has been the same in EVERY of his forms, either focusing on Res or now on Def.
WHY not breaking that shit with making him DIFFERENT than is other forms?
Why keeping the same shit over and over again?
You need to fuckin run QR on his seal now, because of that shit and it helps nothing.
He gets killed by every mage, green melee, dragon and even maybe lance melees.
Oh yeah that’s so much fun just going against reds and bows and/or daggers only.
He has no way of stopping follow ups since he’s not an armor unit, so why even try to tank anything else than red melees?
It’s beyond retarded


IS: Hey, if it’s not broken don’t fix it



were getting into non-TA dancer times this is scary


Hmm, but there are alternatives
Steady stance 4 and he can even tank some axes, especially on +def
Brazen atk/def + escape route + brash assault (could even get really cheeky with galeforce if there’s infantry rush support, try to squeeze out an extra turn)

In any case, it is fairly novel for dancers to be anywhere near this competent as combatants. Ninian can’t necessarily one-round a sword with TA + swordbreaker.

Because he’s the highest BST dancer we have currently and that Defense and Attack are high as is.


Rinea to Shigure is the same, only instead of Atk instead of Spd(They are both dancers unlike Neph to Setsuna tho)


Why would I try to summon for this Berkut and give him SS 4 when I could do the exact same shit with any other Berkut?
Just because he’s Infantry? For idiotic IP shananigans? That’s just dumb.
But hey, atleast I can build him like every other tank that has shit Speed, that’s fun and creative.


Because his mobility is worse than that of the other Berkuts and dancers that can fight on enemy phase are, all other things being equal, better than units that sit around waiting for you to hit end turn because they dance during player phase?

I’m not sure if that’s actually true. But I took your question seriously and that was my first idea

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He can still be pretty fast with a bit of investment. Get a tanith for her SS2 weapon, +spd refine, SS3 and brazen atk/spd or darting blow. That would be 23+3+7+7(+4) = 40spd without Tanith weapon, 44 with, and that’s without buffs!

And let us not forget he is actually a dancer !

Take away 4 Def, 4 Res and 2 HP, boom you would’ve had a nice Dancer that doesn’t get doubled by literally everything that breaths and still being somewhat tanky.
Why do we need everytime some high stacked stat when you could’ve good all round stats?

That’s the thing, the only real reason why you would use this Berkut over the other two is because he’s a dancer and/or a Infantry unit.
That’s literally the only thing, all Berkuts are the same and there’s no variety.

You could do that for sure, but that’s the exact same as the other Berkut and with that he can’t even be a good dancer with a Speed set. IS could’ve made his Speed workable without much investment so he could also be a nice fast dancer, but no you just need to give him such bad Speed for no reason other than “tHe oThEr bErKuTs aRe tHe sAmE”


¯\ _ (ツ) _ /¯

He’s already nice without that speed though. Most people don’t care that his speed is terrible with Atk and Def like that, so from IS’ prospective it was better this way to increase orbs spent on the banner.