IS wishlist for FEH

Hi im making this wishlist of features to make the game better, the following are features that would like in feh, ¿what would you like?

These are mine: Reduce the cost of promoting units from 4 to 5 star or make feathers the reward from training tower removing crystals. Launch more refines, 4 at month is not enough compared to the 10 new units IS launches per month.

Note that these features wont ruin your business IS, but will make it easier for all players to build the units they like, and will be an incentive to keep playing.


An arena medal shop, similarly to how they do Ephemera, but with skill manuals :feh_legion:
Would love something like that


Add a way to get more divine dew and fix arena


I’ll agree with the refines but not the rest

Feathers are extremely easy to obtain


they are easy but i struggle each week to get the 20k needed to promote any of my 4 star. i have many copies but not enough feathers it would take me 2 years to make the units im working on, but if they half the cost it would take me a year.

No offense but that’s a you problem. We get a very good supply of feathers weekly and with events and such

Well maybe because im not good in arena, AR, and the modes where you get feathers and grails im in tier 17 and 16 and i can get higher, but yes its my problem, and as i said those were my wishes.

More refines yes!

Something other than Resplendents for older units to remain remotely competitive since 2 per month is going to take years longer than refines which were already at a snail’s pace.

Remove unnecessary skill restrictions (Pegasus Flight as melee only WTF, Time’s Pulse as Infantry only - keep it restricted from Armors though since they get access to great B’s for speeding up specials, etc.).

Reduce Divine Codes cost or implement a FUN new weekly mode that gives 100 minimum maybe up to 250+ (not that there is anything I’m interested in spending them on yet anyway).

Lessen the degree of bullshit in units… I get it, many people don’t want to think for themselves, but you know it’s a strategy game so thinking is somewhat implied…


Havent tought of that

Just add Marianne and I don’t care

But tbh I think Aether resort should be a little better I feel it could be a lot cooler of a mode than it is now


it could be improved add like minigame sections or something, for now we have master chef


A treasure trade and more events?


Yeah like maybe fishing which could give ingredients or like, I dunno

Or more advanced gardening than ‘place crop’ ‘harvest crop’


That’s all the gardening my green thumb can handle though!


Increase the refine rate to 4 per week with 1 grail refine every 2 weeks and one seasonal refine per week. There is dragging ass to build hype and then there’s the refine release rate. At this point I don’t care if the refines are original. The long run doesn’t matter if we’re all dead.

Rerun seasonal banners more than twice per year. I know they are seasonal, but…

Add some new shit in AR besides structure lvl increases in between mythic releases. New terrain, buildings maybe? It isn’t really that much to ask. Too much to give? :thinking:

Make it so forma units can be merged into existing 5* units. Hell, limit it to being mergeable into +9 units. It’s stupid to get a forma, spend 2000+ orbs to get merges, and have the initial one amount to a big pile of nothing. If anything, the current system just disincentivizes people to pull for the unit at all.

New specials?


I want more Grails bc am trash in AR. That’s all.


I just want Kellam to get a resplendent. My guy desperately needs it


me too


I think you have that wrong
Here’s the corrected statement.


your post deserves more <3

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