Ishtar build ideas?

Namely the base/resplendent variant. Curious to see how others are building her nowadays, both for competitive and non-competitive modes.

For a while thought about finishing mine, especially being a Camus archetype fan.

Windsweep is certainly her best B slot. It’s a growing pool of units that can windsweep+NFU, but it’s a valuable niche to fill, and build to run.

A and S can be any atk/spd increasing skills. I think mine runs solos, but both slots are pretty flexible.


I use mine with the following set:

Alternatively you could run Flashing Blade 4 with Luna to circumvent Guard effects - the 5 true damage plus the stronger special will probably outdo other offensive A slots. A stat boosting C skill would work fine as well.


You can run Blade Session 3 in the S slot instead of Atk/Spd Solo 3 in case you want to maximize your nuking potential.


This is actually my exact build at the moment, except I use Moonbow and Life & Death for Special and sacred seal slots, respectively.

Blade Session is also worth considering, though that seal is permanently affixed to my Erinys.


I’d actually say spd/res tempo + sturdy impact (or atk/res ideal) is better. The meta issue for mages is hardy fighter + deflect magic with OHKO retaliations on the side. If you build to take the counterattack you sometimes fail to survive; if you shut down the counterattack they say thank you very much for the 80% off. With tempo + TP + glimmer they either have to have a mountain of res (not common on the likes of B.Hector; they have res but not a mountain of it) or if they’re on sacred cowl maybe it becomes a game of inches but otherwise they probably die to the second glimmer.

Also possible is dragon fang/astra, if you’re confident you’re running into DR on the first hit, but the glimmer is a threat to non-tanks who might survive a single blow without a special. 52 spd is not fast by current standards.

Note that in SD the point will be to trade off their far save so you can oppress them with a duo Nina or something comparable.

From my experience B!Hector with Hardy Fighter+Sacred Cowl has no problem walling this build. That’s why Sacred Cowl >>> Aegis IMO.

When targeting Hardy Fighter B!Hector specifically you can actually get better results with Guard.
Ishtar with tempo:

Same Ishtar with guard: