Ishtar/Ereshkigal lore

So if they both are using Rin’s body and merged with Rin’s personality, basically Ishtar is manifestation of Rin’s good side, and Ereshkigal is manifestation of Rin’s evil side? (Like Parvati took on Sakura’s good side, and Kama will later use Dark Sakura’s/evil side)

Why is she popular? I don’t found her to be interesting villain, she just randomly killed Gilgamesh, and some of Uruk’s citizens, but barely participated in Tiamat’s plan. (I completed Babylonia like 8 months ago, so I may not remember details)

Also who do you like more as a character, Enkidu or Ereshkigal? Since IMO Enkidu’s design is just perfect.

I don’t believe Ishtar is Rin’s good side and Ereshkigal her “evil side” (as Rin doesn’t have an evil side the way Sakura does from her repressed feelings of resentment). If anything, Ishtar seems to incorporate Rin’s tsun qualities, such as her confidence and abrasiveness, as well as her propensity for failure at the most critical moment.

Ereshkigal, on the other hand, seems to incorporate Rin’s dere qualities, being more shy, affectionate, and flustered. She was tokenly part of the Triple Goddess Alliance, but I don’t believe she actually killed anyone, same as Quetzalcoatl. The only one who was really attacking Uruk was Gorgon. She didn’t kill Gilgamesh either. He literally dropped dead of exhaustion, as he was still human in this Singularity.


Pseudo-servants are all kind of odd and inconsistent in how they interact/merge with their host personality. It’s really on a case-by-case basis, so you can’t really draw parallels like that.
For Waver/Zhuge Liang, Zhuge basically gave Waver all of his powers and then just went to sleep, so the one we’re interacting with is 100% Waver.
For Ishtar, she explains herself that it’s a 70% Ishtar/30% Rin split - and the 30% seem to be mostly her tsun qualities, while for Ereshkigal it’s more her dere side, as @DapperAndDandy mentioned. There is no real good/evil split here - Eresh just has the Evil alignment because she thinks of herself as evil, being the mistress of the mesopotamian underworld. Yet it would be a huge stretch to call anything she does “evil”. Fate alignments are kinda weird in general and more based on self-perception rather than universally-agreed morals.
For Parvati/Kama, there is a more clear distinction because Sakura does have two distinct personalities that are in complete opposition to each other. Parvati choosing her kind personality as a host was simply due to compatibility, but as far as I’m aware there was no real “fusion” of personalities like for Ishtar, only Parvati taking Sakura’s body and some slight tendencies (such as an inexplicable affection for Medusa due to vague memories).


I mean, when we found dead Gilgamesh, Ishtar said that he was killed by gallu spirits, sent from underworld, because it’s impossible for Servant to die from overwork alone.

Also Ishtar has that line about Ereshkigal “She’s really not like me, she’s a dark irresolute me you know!?”, which is why I am implied that Ereshkigal is like dark side of Rin.

And Ishtar was on humanity’s side, while Eresh was on Gorgon’s side and barely did anything to help humanity (she moved underworld to Uruk after Gil’s command and send gallu spirits to attack Tiamat and then basically did nothing after underworld was consumed by Tiamat’s mud).

Quetz I think is different story, because she was God of Sun, and manifestation of everything which is good, as Ishtar explained (hence she had Anti-Good Special Defense), so she decided to “help” Gorgon just to save people from Gorgon’s Beasts in her jungle, where she had Authority.

Yeah but Eresh did much the same thing Quetz did, just with the dead. If you reread the part after we defeat her, King Hassan forces Eresh to be honest and lays the truth bare: that Eresh was trying to save humanity from being completely wiped and that she didn’t even kill that many people. She is by no means evil


Gil wasn’t a Servant. Babylonia is his time period, so he’s still human. Even if Eresh collected him (as it is her job), it’s only because his human body gave out from exhaustion from leading Uruk constantly during the assault. Eresh had no hand in his death.

Well, Ishtar is predisposed to dislike Eresh due to their mythology, and she’s only “dark” in the sense of dwelling in the underworld while Ishtar is the shining star of Venus. Also, Eresh was present the whole time during those nighttime segments. She is very benevolent and wanted to help humanity and the MC, but she’s limited in her role. That said, she played a vital role in dragging Tiamat down to the Underworld to defeat. It wasn’t the only component in that victory, but it definitely helped buy time until Hassan implanted the concept of death into her.


If you trust anything Ishtar says then you need to seek help really


Ereshkigal did nothing is the most ridiculous thing to say really, she buffs you until her spirit origin breaks and that counts as nothing in your book?


This is true. She moved underworld and commanded gallu spirits to attack Tiamat, and then just did nothing and AFAIK doesn’t even appeared in the last chapter with Quetz, Gil, Jaguar and Ishtar.

Where was it?
In singularity she just moved the underworld under Uruk after Gil’s command. Later she commanded gallus to attack Tiamat, but it didn’t worked, then Merlin and King Hassan appeared, imposed the death on Tiamat, and we beat her with help of King Hassan and Archer Gilgamesh.

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She fades after the Tiamat battle because she used the entirety of her power trying to keep Tiamat sealed down in the Underworld and buffing your party with Blessings of the Underworld. She does die aiding humanity.


Do you mean 50% ATK, 50% DEF and 10K HP buff? I was under impression from the story that it’s Merlin’s buff, as story-wise his flowers negated Tiamat’s Authority.

Merlin and Eresh both buff you. A lot. Without both of them these fights would be basically impossible without a few dozen Saint Quartz.


Its been a while but I’m pretty sure the attack and defense buff was eresh while the healing and NP gen was Merlin


As @Inflection and @andylong1014 said, Merlin’s Flowers counteract the corruption from Tiamat’s primordial sea, but it’s Eresh who boosts the party’s parameters.

It’s why her upcoming Servant form has this skill and uses it as her main support niche.

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Actually only the healing was Merlin’s buff. The attack defence NP gain and max HP increase buff were all Eresh’s. It is clear from Eresh’s third skill.


I’m just ignoring the fact that she stripped Ishtar naked and killed her mercilessly when she just wanted to help her/give her well-intended advice.

Let’s not forget, that she did try to kill many people. She just failed in doing so. I mean, not failed… But she really thought she did great. Gilgamesh didn’t laugh at her for nothing.

To make it short (and to repeat what has been said in another thread of the same topic already) : Ishtar and Ereshkigal are pretty much alike.
Ishtar is just the livelier, tsun-side of Rin, who has a free will and creates a big mess a few times.
Ereshkigal is the calm and dere side of Rin, that messes things up to a smaller degree.

The bottom line is that both are useless Goddesses. Ishtar is just more recognized, becauses it ends in chaos, most of the times, whereas Ereshkigal is just useless… but dere.

Please do not use real life lore on Moon characters.

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You will not beat Tiamat without her buffs. I mean, maaaybe you will, but the Tiamat fight would be actual challenge quest without her buffs. Like, her Noble Phantasm has that random charge after start of fight and hits for like 7K HP, now that will be 14K without 50% Special Defense Up, which is instant death unless you using evasion right before (and Tiamat likes to use random full charge).

She did that to protect them from being transformed into beasts/lahmus. It was short-sighted, but not evil.

It’s complete canon that Eresh wanted to save people. Here’s character material:

I.e. even her conflict with Nergal was because she wanted to take sun’s authority to warm souls of the Underworld with sunlight (Nergal trolled her and gave out 14 diseases authority instead). So even prior to Rin she was good person (for a divine, at least), which is mentioned numerous time in the profile.

The same profile says “Ereshkigal broke the taboo as a goddess, helped the Master with all her power, and was annihilated.”, so she’s far from useless.


It says so in the story. I have no knowledge of their lore outside of Fate whatsoever.
It’s literally what they said in the story of Babylonia! Read it up!

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That’s not what I meant with the evil part, but alright. This was rather about the useless part. Because although she meant well, she only “saved” about 1200 people. Gilgamesh laughed at her, because with that number she’s the worst out of the three Goddesses.

When Tiamat fell into her realm (Thanks to Ishtar), Ereshkigal was completely powerless. Just seconds before she was splurging just how everything is fine now.

Yeah, I’m leaving actual gameplay topics aside for a reason. I’m only talking about what they did and didn’t in the story.
It’s not that I don’t grant her that… but those additional buffs the devs gave us were just means to make the battle look more interesting. If they kept Tiamats power to a “normal enemy/boss” degree, it would have been the same without the buffs.
But as one of the Beasts they needed to make Tiamat look OP and unbeatable, and added those features. Depending on where the battle would’ve taken place, it could have come from any Servant.
It’s Fate/ we’re talking about. They bend the rules however they see fit.
Just how it was with Merlins buff during this battle. Every turn we lost 4000 HP through the mud and at the same point healed 4000 HP through Merlins skill. It was more or less pointless, but it was still there.

Ishtar threw the Beast Tiamat down to Kur. Ereshkigal aided us in battle with her authorities. Doesn’t make one better than the other. Both made mistakes beforehand. Both have their failures. Ishtar just stands out way more.