Ishtar or gilgamesh

hi everyone. I can’t decide about which one i choose. ishtar or gilgamesh. I like both of them. ishtar is a waifu one but i don’t want to wait for her banner. and gil’s banner earlier and i was sure that i will go for him but nowadays i can’t decide. can you guys tell share your opinions

I have NP1 Gil, and he’s just…the best. Worthy of being in 1st tier. As of now, all servants have a trait that is weak to Enuma Elish, which is his Noble Phantasm. You won’t regret rolling for him. (Just turn a blind eye on his terrible personality.) Enuma Elish your way through everything!

I used an NP1 Ishtar from friend, and even with her 2 attack buffs, her dmg is still outclassed by Gil.

I already tried NP2 Ishtar, and that was better with my NP1 Gil.

I don’t know about NP2 Ishtar vs. NP2 Gil, though.

Also, try reading the Tier List and compare Gil and Ishtar. Read their profiles on gamepress. They’re really helpful. Those profiles provide everything you need about the two. :+1:


Gil’s power is his NP. Ishtar’s is her buster crit potential.

Gil is better for events (which often have servant bosses) but Ishtar has the 50% battery…so she’s also great for events.

Gil can wipe the 3rd wave of servants with his NP. Ishtar can wipe the 2 minions and crit down the boss on a brave chain.

Really, it’s just personal preference. If you like Ishtar, then get her.

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Well, if its about critical, I’ll still recommend Gil over Ishtar. He has the Collector skill. Well even without the skill, the star gather rate of archers plays the role (as well with Ishtar).

He can also charge his own NP for about 30% after interlude, and has good NP gain (like Ishtar).

I’m obviously siding with Gil (lol), but just like what you said, it is a matter of preference since both of them are commendable archers.

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I was thinking more like—Ishtar has her crit dmg buff skill, so she hits harder.

And for NP charges, that 50% means a lot, especially when you’re trying to 3-turn farm on events. Christmas (which I realize is a ways away) will feature a saber node on the lotto currency so Ishtar/Tesla w/ kscope + Waver + 20% battery (Ozy, Helena, Mash, Merlin) + Arash is gonna be the MVP team for 3-turn farming. Gil’s 30% charge works…but you really need the double waver in that case.

Personally, I’m rolling for Gil before I roll for best useless goddess, but I do think Ishtar is better in specific scenarios. 3-turn event farming is one of them.

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I would say from flat damage potential Gil outclasses Ishtar cause of his np having a strengthening while Ishtar is a better general farmer cause 50% battery. While Gil does have a smaller battery from his skill upgrade which gives 30%, a 50% battery is much easier to work with. Personally if I had them both at the same time Ishtar would np wave 2 and Gil would np wave 3 assuming their are servents and even then I think Gil has higher dmg potential

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I always go waifu over gameplay. Both are good archers, with Gil being best for servant fights (Challenges pls). In the end you can’t go wrong.


Gilgamesh is more consistent with his damage output since he does not have chance-based or card-based skills.

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Both also have annoyingly long np animations


They’re both good, and they have somewhat similar purposes. Good hit counts on quick amd arts cards on both means they’ll generate NP reasonably, and Golden Rule/Shining Majestic Crown secure NP charging. If I could say there’s a really notable difference, it’s longevity of damage. With Ishtar’s third skill, plus her atk/crit boost, she can have a single turn of intense burst, especially with Waver/Merlin helping. Her ability to break invincibility can help challenge quests too, and prevent her delayed gem turn being ruined by invincibility. Gilgamesh probably won’t hit as hard on one turn. However, all his buffs last for 3, meaning he will be able to deplete break bars more comfortably.

Also, although it’s somewhat semantics, Enuma Elish does not do bonus damage to every servant, as said above. Any servant with the Star attribute, such as Mysterious Heroine X and Mozart do not take extra damage. This also means that Ishtar gets bonus damage on non-servants which Gil does not, due to her general Buster Up boost.

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I stan Ish. I know Gil is higher on the tier list and all this enuma elish stuff blah blah what everyone else said. I am 100% biased to Ish as I have my own at 10/10/10. Gil is probably my favorite servant from the original timeline stuff and I do like him a lot overall in other works though.

I just think she is more versatile and can allow you to do more with your teams. Everyone has access to MLB CE’s like HNS or Golden Sumo(Coming soon again), so with her battery you can do something like save 50% of Waver charges to top off a different servant with a 50% starting CE. That can open the door to a lot of easy street 3 turn farming teams.

Not interested in 3 turn farm comps? That’s fine Ish still has your back. Everyone heaps non stop praise onto EE, probably deservedly so, but it’s not gonna kill everything. Ishtar might kill everything though. She might not even need her NP to take out a wave boss with the crits she can pull, or the crits she can help a teammate pull(probably less frequent and unlikely but it can be a thing). Mana burst gem is fine and has an extremely low cool down for a 50% boost at max. “But TG, Mana Burst Gem is all chance based!” A lot of things are in this game, just know her deck and pay attention to the draws to maximize your chances of hitting as hard as possible. Plus she is a top 5 Merlin synergy servant, this is completely baseless lol it just sounds good for something that feels more and more like a sales pitch. It could probably be true if there was a list like that, maybe we should make one sometime if there isn’t one already.

I just felt like I needed to defend Ish’s honor a little bit in a game world that is obsessed with EE. You probably can’t go wrong either one but at the end of the day Gilgamesh is not Tohsaka Rin. I probably should have just lead with that and saved myself all the typing.


The problem i have with ishtar is the delayed buff mechanic. It’s a huge buff but there are times when you need it right NOW. EE has no such conditions other than - are they weak to EE. Honestly if Ishtar’s invincibility was 100% instead of 80% chance I’d have ishtar higher. Right now she’s in the tier just below gil with Tesla who has a worse survival skill but guaranteed to trigger but the damage buff is subject to RNG instead. Ishtar is the opposite.
I generally tend to favour servants with a defensive skill but gil’s damage output is just absurd in tough content which tend to spew out servant bosses weak to ee. But realistically we’re just splitting hairs here. Like we’re talking about 3 servants scoring 99%, 98.9% and 98.8%. Feelsbad for Arjuna owners

I agree with the above, Ishtar’s delayed buff makes it unnecessarily complicated and annoying to use, especially considering how all other mana bursts usually activate right away. I guess it is meant to balance the low cooldown but it also entails that you’ll have to be an advanced player to make full use of her potential.

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In Ishtar’s defense while the buff is delayed it does come with a short cd plus if your like me and keep track of your card draws it’s not too bad to line up at least one buster card and her np. crit stars is an issue with this tho which is why I run ani blond for 20 stars when I want them

Personally I think both of them are fantastic, however I think i’ll be rolling for gilgamesh this time round as ishtar evaded me at new years and well gilgamesh is one of my favourite characters and i’d choose him over ishtar for now though i wouldn’t mind having both

That being said whilst they both have bustercrit potential I quite like gilgamesh’s collector skill and np gain and I like the way his NP works.

Idk, I guess I’ll be sitting out when ishtar comes back for the download banner, i’ll be going for ereshkigal at christmas anyways, maybe she’ll treat me better than ishtar T_T


Since this was posted several days ago I doubt anyone is still reading it but seeing so many people downplay Gil to be the same level as Ishtar is a little annoying. Gil is significantly more consistent in both crit damage and NP damage. His Collector skill makes sure that he draws stars to him no matter who he is on a team with and his NP has had a strengthening which makes it much stronger than Ishtar’s at every level. Honestly Ishtar is only “better” than Gil in that she has a hard defense and ignore invincible but that skill is an 80% chance buff that might not even hit so counting on it is a bad idea. Her 50% battery is nice in some scenarios but Gil has a 30% battery of his own and it is enough for almost any situation since Merlin and Waver both have skills that charge the whole team by 20%.

All of this is not to say if you want Ishtar you are making a bad choice she is a great servant, but Gil is basically at the top of most tier lists for a reason, he is REALLY good. I have both and enjoy them both but if I need to bring the pain I bring Gil.


i will go for GIl.
Not becouse i like him over ishtar. i absolutly want ishtar ( she is not a waifu for me, she is emiya waifu, but i trully love her character. )
I altedy put over 100 euro on her, and i did not get her, i was in a bad streak thet lasted 4 month, and i did not get her.
So now i am going for gil, not becouse is gil (i like him to) , but becouse all 5* ccc ce will be on rate up there, and i need 2030.

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Gil is a servant killer.
Ishtar is a all purpose servant. She can clear ways, has a high chance to gain invulnerability. Her only downfall is she is a bit chance based (80/100) and you have to keep track of your cards for a buster chain.

But if you can do a buster crit with her skills, she can outclass gil easily.
But if you don’t like ifs just go wih gil since he has straight forward approach.

Tesla, ROMA, Drake, Mozart, MHX, and Ecchan all say “hi”

could add both Shikis too, but unless things change, that won’t be until the KnK rerun

Gil’s NP isn’t good against all star-attribute servants; I believe Jeanne and Shishou are also star-attribute servant’s. Sherlock and Drake are too.

Ishtar, especially at np2, is the better farmer by virtue of that 50% battery and being able to crit down massive amounts of HP that Gil wouldn’t be able to. Her brave chains with crits outdamage his by a good number and more than make up for her lower NP damage against a single target.

Otherwise, Gil is better. Especially with Buster support (Merlin, Shakespeare, Anniversary Blond, etc.) his NP scales incredibly hard and the bonus damage against most servants makes him a keeper.

Either of them will be your MVP during the Christmas lotto, where we have a saber node.

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