Ishtar or gilgamesh

Ok, go for her then. Neither of them are bad units, so if she is your waifu then pull for her. Both units are great and will shred sabers anyway.

Once I would have said Gil but not by much. Now I know how wrong I was.
Unless you have Gil you can’t understand his raw power.
His skill set is kind of meh compared to ishtar, but oh boy he does damage.
Plus ppl say he is anti servant. True he have an anti trait np, but ppl forget he is the second highest attack among Archer (Arjuna Gil and ishtar are close) with an np interlude and np damage up. Even without a trait he will outdamage almost anyone. Is impressive.
I now know how strong the king is

Ishtar is better for farming because of her 50% NP battery vs Gil’s 30%, but other than that Gil is better in almost every way. Damage, NP gain, star-gen, and he has crit-star absorption to do more consistent damage outside of NP turns.

If we’re talking about gameplay, Gilgamesh is much better. I could say that he is Tier 0 along with Skadi. He is extremely useful, has NP battery and kills 98% of servant bosses (except for some like Drake, Kiara and Sherlock).

In the end, roll for the one you like more.

Those fanboy of trash gil appear everywhere and those low brain will ignore everything to defend their trash gil.
trash gil is strong yes (the babe of developer & natsu) but that is the past now. After the interlude 2 Ishtar is truly a god now. With this upgrade, Ishtar still deals lower NP Damage than trash gil and Nikola versus their trait targets, but the gap is MUCH smaller now, but NP2 of her will be a difference i don’t need to write anything here. trash gil with deal less damage to those have the Star trait but Ishtar deals load of damage to EVERYTHING. Coming in at at around 35.4k NP1 Damage, Ishtar will now be the 2nd highest AoE Damage Servant just behind Iskandar. With a 70% Attack Up and 20% (Overcharge) Buster Performance buff. Considering Ishtar’s basic attacks hit much harder. Istar have 50 percent NP battery ! with the help of CE u can save those charges of Waver or Merlin. That’s mean she definitely better than the trash gil in both farming or even CQ. Mana burst gem with very low cool down ! if u don’t know how to use that skill then don’t bother playing this stupid game anymore. Especially and finally ! Ishtar have survival skill although it’s only 80% but that is a whole difference compare with the trash gilgamesh with nothing to take care of it self.
trash gil with selfish skill set and no survival skill. it’s always require a good support to protect it and generate star for. If not it’s always the first to die in any CQ, hit like noodle like a useless because of don’t have enough star.
All this information already prove which one to choose ! a Goddess Ishtar better in every category or a trash tyrant always require us master to “baby out” it.


how bullshit say it again after the interlude

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The interlude is pointless to consider for me I play NA which means it’s still 2 years away so still dont care about Ishtar

Ishtar…after ishtar upgrade because it compensates for the old difference in damage with Gil and ishtar’s skills are better


tbh ishtar pre interlood was weaker then gil gameplaywise but definitely better than him in farming considering it was easier to fit event ces with a servant with a 50% charge than a 30%. Post interlood, she is pretty much around the same or a bit better than gil do to the fact that without gil’s niche ishtar wins in damage (her np damage is actually close to his niche damage as well) and her upgraded np helps tremendously with her kit due to the free stars it provides now. She is just tons more versitile than gil in jp. Not to put gil down as he is still tremendously good himself when he can hit his niche which is in most cq that aren’t servants with star attribute or mob non-servant enemies.


I would like to point out as I’ve said before that this post is about pre interlude Ishtar and was written before that interlude even came out. I play NA though and am not going to evaluate Ishtar on her theoretical damage in 2 years if you look at ishtar vs gilgamesh he is just better.

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I mean, even right now that 20% higher charge makes her competitive or superior in certain cases, which aren’t “niche,” by virtue of how flexible a 50% charge is. For casual farm and considering her steroids + support it’s easy for me to imagine cases I’d sooner take her.


Ah my bad. Its just that it made more sense to me to look at the more updated ver. of both since it will eventually come out for NA regardless since knowing these things ahead of time could change a person’s choice on which to get. It did for me since it made me want ishtar more tho i do plan to get Gil eventually on NA (New Years banner when i get more $$ to whale)

Bringing future upgrades to compare servants right now is just…
Who knows if we still play the game after 2 years
Who knows if after 2 years Gil has another upgrade
Imo, now Gil is 2nd best archer…after…


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20% can be acquired via the charge mystic code or servants like Ozy, Helena, Merlin, and Waver so it is very niche where you would need a full 50% charge. It is nice to have as an option for some farming comps but barely ever necessary. Gil is just a stronger option in NA and has more general and specialized use. I don’t think Ishtar sucks she just isn’t as generally useful as Gil and I dont like that everyone puts them on the same level. I’m sure when her interlude comes out she’ll be quite comparable but right now Gil > Ishtar

My problem with this mentality is that if someone rolled Ishtar thinking she’ll be just as good as Gil when her interlude comes out they will have a worse archer for 2 years while waiting for that damage increase to come. If someone likes Ishtar they should roll for her because they like her not because in 2 years her damage will be competitive to the current King of archers

Not competitive - straight up better.

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I believe it’s only better outside of Gils niche which is really wide reaching since it’s almost every servant in the game and servants are very common enemy types. I haven’t done a whole lot of research on her performance after her buff but again that is a long way away. Do you know where you’ll be in 2 years I know I don’t so I’m not going to plan my GAME out that far ahead and I’d recommend most people don’t. We can’t even guarantee the game servers will be on 2 years from now.


I’m pretty sure after her future buff she closes the gap in NP damage that Gil deals against most servants by quite a lot. Meaning the argument to pick Gil over her because of his insane damage against most servants isn’t as good as it used to be. As she now hits everything that isn’t a servant harder than he does gets a bunch of stars after NP that lets her Crit easily, and I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure she could already hit harder with Crits than Gil could anyway.
But yeah you’re right 2 years is a long time and even after Ishtar’s buffs Gil is still great anyway, so if you wanted who’s better now there’s no harm at all in picking Gil. But on the flip side, Ishtar even if she isn’t as good as Gil now she’s still great as is anyway and will only get better. So you can’t really go wrong with either.

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This is fun

Ishtar 100% of the time. I couldn’t even call this a competition with a straight face