Ishtar rider NP question

I’m playing on a new account, so the least I could have is an Ishar with NP1. I don’t have the ability to defeat the high end dungeons yets, so here’s my question. Is Ishtar NP good that it requires NP5 or no Ishtar at all? I mean, I’ll probably just add her in my team as semi-support and heck, my only gold unit is maid alter and emiya.

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I’ve included solo comments for each of the Ishtar copies CQs. You can definitely upgrade her a few times.


She’ll still do decent damage at np1!

But you really should get her as close to np5 as you can.

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It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get her to NP5 this year, she’ll get a Rerun during the summer next year around the same time.

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See how far you can get on your own with the soloing tips and don’t hesitate to use your command seals if you’re struggling too much. And start early so that the seals can reset for the next challenge before the end of the event. At least aim for np3 which gives you most of the damage upgrade for increasing levels. But if you don’t make it, you’ll have a much stronger team next year and you can finish her off.


Thanks for the replies. :smiley:
Knowing that there’s another chance Ishtar rider would be back next year is reassuring.
I’ll check out the aforementioned soloing videos, though I may not be able to do it in the end.
Thanks again.

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Solos can get you a long way in this game. My 2 week old account managed to beat 6/7 Nerofest challenge quests last year, and Nerofest has the most difficult quests in the game each year. I’m sure you can manage the Summer quests; may need a few tries and finding the right supports, but it’s definitely doable.

2 of the CQ involve Avengers, grab a support BB and Turtle with Chaldea Mystic Code, Mash and Hans.

If all fail, burn the 3 Command Seals for a retry and spam NP untill they are dead. BB has amazing NP gain and stargen.

Or you can check if you have friends with max level unit allow you to solo

Musashi against Enkidu for instance

Wish they can have lower AP rate for these type of quests…

I’ve been playing for two months. Not long but I’ve raised a reasonable amount of servants. I still prefer soloing whenever it’s an option.

Sometimes RNG-chan just wouldn’t work with you. Soloing is actually more predictable.

You probably don’t even need to solo. If you give us an idea of what you have We can probably advise you.

EDIT: A good borrowed support paired with the right 3 star and a random extra servant can do an enormous amount to get you through most content.

A lv 40 maid alter, lv 30 emiya and a lv 40 ishtar alter (I’ve finally defeated the fiend with ∞ faces after watching a video of it on YT. i borrowed a nero caster from one of my friends and she stomped her way to victory). I’d try the other ones though I wish I had a friend with a powerful bedievere like that. I’d try once with musashi later.
edit: defeated enkidu with musashi. finally NP3 . phew.

Congratulations! Now you just need a solid BB to try and get the rest. Mine is maxed 10/10/6 if you want and I can make the ce whatever you want, set to lvl 100 holy night supper right now . Friend code is 161862964. Leave ign, I only have one spot open.

Edit: also have fully maxed and grailed Herc with bond CE to try.

Thanks! I’d add you as a friend. My IGN is LazyCat.
edit: in the meantime, I’ll unlock the atlas mystic code first. I see many of them use this mystic code in YT since the gorgon can stun.

Atlas is powerful for this.

Note that BB can preempt the stun with the debuff immunity on her heal if you guess the target right. And if BB isn’t the one stunned, the heal also has a debuff cleanse. Really awesome with a 4 turn cool down. It’s like BB was made specifically for killing gorgon :fgo_illya:

Any advice on the doggo though? I can’t seem to find any solo YT videos for this one. The best one I found is this one where two euryales r*ped the doggo to death.

Accepted friend request.

I’ve never mastered the art of soloing myself. Not sure who I’d pick but the guide suggests either BB or Herc.

I am not sure if the dog can be soloed. But if anyone can do it, it would be a high level BB with max skills.


Will it still be risky to solo? I recall it had 2 death chance buff during last bar

unless it’s KH


I found a King Hassan solo video. But it is the rerun where Lobo has been nerfed. Maybe it can help though:

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