It always comes down to the third member

Making duos is easy.
I got Tamamo, Caster Gil and Merlin so I kinda just slap the servant I want to use together with them.

Ofc in many situations just putting 2 supports on a team (most of the time from the friend’s list) is recommended.
But I kinda don’t like that. I know it’s often the best way to go, but I kinda want to run 1 support and 2 damage dealers or 1 support, 1 damage and 1 inbetween (like Bride Nero)

So the thing I’m trying today is thinking of who’d fill the third spot with Ivan and Merlin(2030).
Those two are too good together, from passive star gen, buster buff, healing and invincibility… Yeah…
But that leaves me thinking, is there a servant who’d fill in the role of a nice third member.

Going through my servants I can make a list of candidates
Not maybe all the best options but I’ll just list anyone with potential synergy.

-the list-

Bride Nero
Amakusa Shirou

Siegfried (NP5)
Altera the San(ta)
OG Emiya

3* and lower (trained up/planning to train)
Gilles Saber
Young Gil
Sasaki Kojiro Terrible idea

Any on the list that can make this nice old dark souls character happy?

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Since you’re trying to avoid double support, DPS with utility, like Ereshkigal, can be nice. She can further boost his NP gain, survivability, and damage, and she can help him not take forever to clear basic waves by getting her NP up and running quickly with her battery.

Semiramis is an interesting option since Ivan can produce stars on demand to ensure that her 3 is available when desired. Ideally she’d have the NP levels to wave clear or at least some Rider enemies otherwise, but you’re probably bringing Ivan to fight Casters, where Semiramis has to depend on her 2 not to suffer disadvantage.

I don’t see any real reason to bring Arthur along.

Taking non-Buster Servants who don’t provide strong primary support (e.g. Yagyu) probably won’t go that smoothly.

Nero Bride would be more than fine as a support; if you plan on making her buff herself instead of Ivan, I’d pass.

I love my own pimped out Amakusa, but his big anti-gimmick overlaps with Ivan’s kit. If your Amakusa deals decent damage, it kind of begs the question of why you’re bringing Ivan; if he doesn’t deal good damage, he’s almost entirely redundant.

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Well, the main issue with dual-threat compositions is that a lot of the best buffs (Hero Creation) are single-target, and you don’t want your two damage-dealers cards competing. Plus, in most cases, you’re probably going to have one damage dealer that’s significantly better in the specific situation, so your second damage servant will be less optimal. Using a second support to enhance your primary point-servant is just more efficient and will result in more total damage.

If you want a two-threat comp, I’d suggest a semi-support, like Nero Bride or Lancer Raikou. But really, you’re mostly just choosing a less potent support unit.

Eresh was on my mind as well, she seems to work especially well in long term teams. Giving support to Ivan and herself while getting a benifit off Merlin’s charisma + np

Semi has the advantage of not being weak to casters all the time, and it brings the team to very arts heavy.

I can probably cross Yagyu and Amakusa off the list.

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Just adding quickly that I assume we’re talking about generic blind story quest teams and the like, and not farming of any kind.

If you’re farming, you’re probably not bringing Ivan unless you’re slapping a scope on him and pairing him with one or two other AoE farmers with some combination of starting NP gauge and battery.

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Indeed, part of the goal is to make a team that can handle some blind fights.
So that could be an argument not to run 2 supports + 1 attacker. It’s much stronger in the right situation, but runs into issues when there’s that one pesky counter enemy (especially in multi boss fights)

I was thinking that maybe a single target servant like Penth, at least as backup, could help. Especially since Ivan can clear the rifraff while debuffing the boss’s buster resist.

Nero Bride is pretty much the perfect servant for a dual dps set up. Although, she would work even better as part of a Tamamo arts team. Tamamo/bride/Vladzerker for instance is an incredible team able to clear almost anything.


Sometimes having a backup for the point Servant can be good, sure.

Amakusa is my go-to for random encounters since he’s unstoppable against anything that isn’t an Avenger or having a weird gimmick. Berserkers do this well, too, but need babysitting if the fight is longer.

On the other hand Ivan’s only offensive class disadvantage match-ups are Rulers and Assassins, the former being very rare and almost never a surprise, and the latter being tasty treats for your support Casters unless they are bosses themselves.

@Gou I think I’ll experiment with Eresh some. She also does help the ‘final boss’ feel of the team.

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I really enjoy her. The fact that she can buff the team while wave clearing with her NP with her 3 up is particularly nice, and she can fire back-to-back with additional charge support and/or a well-placed Arts card of her own.

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Plus, Rinface is bestface.


This true, because behind every Rinface is this lady:

Hmm… Not familiar with that one. What is she from?

Blazblue franchise. It’s where I started getting familiar with that VA’s work. She does everything Rin.

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Ahh, I see. Yeah, I do love Rin’s VA. I can’t watch any of the Fate dubs, since her voice just sounds… Wrong.

I can’t watch dubs. Even if the voice actors are good, I can’t stop analyzing the localization and being critical whenever a stock Japanese phrase was obviously struggled with.

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I have certain VAs I love (I’d listen to Crispin Freeman read a phonebook), but I usually just stick to whichever version I view, first. Though, a bad dub is really hard to get past. I am an actor, myself, and I just can’t listen to bad acting. Subs are definitely more reliable.

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