It is finished! +10 L!Ike and my first +10 5 star exclusive

With the last emix banner I managed to spark the last copy of L!Ike. He’s been my main legendary I use for the last 3 years on a Telius arena core. He’s also my first +10 exclusive!

For a while, it was pretty painful, as Ike has pretty bad matches across the board and his refine/remix was quite lackluster.

That being said, I think he has gotten a lot more usable this year. Bulwark skills have quickly become my new favorite skill in the game the game. They give stats, healing, and allow for adjacent support. This is massively helps infantry units make use of adjacent support skills like Inf breath and hexblade.

The New Arena Build

The Support

Funny enough, I never intended to pair them up for arena. I built up Soren at the debut of G duel 3. After a while of usage, he got paired up with Ike as his dedicated support unit.
Naesala tags along for galeforce and NFU support.


I kinda wanna put Special Spiral 4 on mine since I already run 3 on him to begin with… the extra 5 damage + Dr piercing on a Radiant Aether II hit is going to be very nice


Nb. I’d say he’s still a good boy imo


I might do it as well, but his issue right now is surviving offensive threats, not killing them.