And it was on this glorious day that Best Man was completed! It’s been a long time coming. I’d like to thank everyone for putting up with my shenanigans and also Eliwoods 2~9 for their noble sacrifice. He still needs a few more nasty tricks and flowers but who cares. We’re in the endgame now…

…because It so happens to be AR glitch day and now he’s a god!

Oh, and before all was said and done, we did have a little fun…


…until they were all eaten by the one true master.


Lol, that ending was a bit saddening.


That’s one scary Eliwood, congrats :)

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Really cool Eli actually.

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Please refer to my earlier thread on this topic.
It’s called “Read if Depressed (it’s FE related)” as I know not how to link the thread.

“Read if Depressed”. More like read to get depressed, lol. Not sure what to say though. It’s not as bad as Mortal Kombat?

What a monster.

Good job raising him, but that ending though.

Hope Ninian’s happy she got the perfect man now.

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I would love to be in that Eliwood resorts

And congrats for your merge project, he looks good :ok_hand:

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It’s glorious.
An absolute peak in human perfection.

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That Eliwood is


As an Eliwood fan myself, I have to solute you. Congrats! I remember facing a different LA!Eliwood way back when I first started playing… They were running a Brave Bold Set. It wasn’t pretty. This guy is an unstoppable Force of good!

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Also, I was Loresomed, so… Here:

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Thanks! Ah, the good ole days. That reminds me, there’s an unpleasant SS4 Bold Fighter build that I have for him but it’s on hold because fodder’s kinda scare.

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You mean scarce, right? Also what happened to the site? It wasn’t working for me earlier.

I hope you get many Hrids :eyes:

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That’s a funny typo. I did mean scarce. The site has been acting funny for me too. Might have caught the AR bug.

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Maybe. It’s working fine now, so I’m not gonna worry about it.

DC fodder right? Yeah. It’s a waste of Goad Armor or VF if one were to use Hector for him. That’s “Economics” kids.

I guess. I probably wouldnt run VF on him with that kinda speed. And I wouldnt run VF in general. Im finding it less and less good as time goes on

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Same. The only armors that use it well are L! Hector and Sheena and even then it’s not that good.

Also, may you be blessed with more Silas and Special Spiral.

@Souljia_Boy itza me! Accept my friend request😅


I just saw it! I got you B

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