It must be meant to be

Well, I guess the gods are telling me to complete Exalted Chrom. My boy is +8, I got another copy as my free summon on the weekly revival, and he’s a forma unit this time. Here’s my boy currently.

Now that I have the opportunity to make him +10 and give him about whatever skills I want in HoF, how would you guys build a fully merged horse Chrom? I’m tempted to keep up the idea of making him a speedy boy, but I’m indecisive.


Nice looking Chrom!
If you want to make him a speedy boi, I’d say this build his pretty good (62 spd with everything active, without buffs):

You can replace the special with galeforce (but then maybe heavy blade as a seal would be better) or aether (for better survivability). For the assist, just grab harsh command+ or a rally+ and that’s it!
That’s just an example of course, at the end, the choice is yours (and about RNG in HoF…).
If you want to keep his current build, I’d say +atk is better, you want as much raw damage as possible to one shot them all!


Galeforce Chorm

Tank of Ylisse

I’ll fight for my friends, not with them


Galeforce Chorm

He’ll be the best Chorm to have ever Chormed.


Something potentially memey that could work when supported with his good ol’ Brave daughter.


I remember when I first started out, and my strategy for this game was throwing him in the middle of the map and hoping it works.

Got me farther than you’d think. I like this build.

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A interesting and cool build. If you don’t have a really good nuke he’s really difficult to kill. I will be scared to face something like this.

That last build has a ridiculous amount of stats…sheer power I’d say :ok_hand:

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