It’s me again

So I haven’t been able to play much because of school but I made sure to log on every day and collect my daily logins. Anyways, I’ve just been summoning on all the newest banners(IDK if this was a grate idea) and holy moly either I’m getting lucky or this game is very generous compared to other gachas.

I’ve gotten a Halloween Mym, Halloween Elisanne a Dupe Cassandra.

For my dragons it’s been a Halloween Maritmus (I pulled for him because apparently he’s really good on Elisabeth who is good) Konohana Sakuya and a Gilgamesh

See I don’t know wether all these dragons and characters are relelvant but thanks to the site I knew which characters I would use (Mikoto, and Mym for sure) and which ones I won’t (Well I put Cass and Elissanne on my team for now, since I can’t make a full fire team)

I also Maxed out a 4 star Irfrit because he’s good on Mikoto who is my DPS powerhouse

And should I be doing events before I do the story?

You haven’t got full elemental teams ¿?

What did you do with your free 10fold summons ¿? (i don’t know when you start to play DLost but if you played during the anniversary is hard to think about that lack of adventurers :zipper_mouth_face: 100 pulls are really so much to make a good start x’D). In the other hand, if you are new, you should get the bonus 10folds to summon.

Anyway, general tip:

  • maximize your 4* dragons (2 or 3 with full strength bonus for general purpose and 1 hp+strength to fill the gap on your healers). It’s usually worthier use a 4MUBed than a 5 with 2unbinds when they got the same bonus. For instance, Ifrit MUBed grants a better stats than a 5*2UB Agni (it’s sad but it’s true :upside_down_face:).

PS: the answer is yes, DLost are a way more generous than other gachas x’D