IT'S F*CKING RAW, CHIRP! - Sparrow's Inn Daily Report Revival Roll Thread

Welcome to hell - literally, this event takes place in Buddhist hell. But also metaphorically, because this is a gacha game. The Sparrow’s Inn Daily Report Revival banner is the latest gacha hell we’ve been given the opportunity to plunge ourselves into, featuring:

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: Saber Beni-Enma :fgo_dechi:

Beni-Enma’s GP Page
The woman of the hour is Japanese sparrow demon Beni-Enma! She’s an arts ST saber with chaotic and evil super-effective damage a lot of team utility in her skills - and unlike many support/dps hybrids, she’s actually fairly good at both.

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: Caster Tamamo-no-Mae :fgo_goexplode:

Tamamo’s GP Page
On rotation with Beni, we have the top arts support for a few more months and an incarnation of a goddess from Japanese folklore, Tamamo-no-Mae! Tamamo is fantastic in arts and stall teams thanks to her kit focusing on survivability and NP and skill spamming. While she is in the general pool, most of those servants like to take their sweet time coming home, and this is her only solo banner for a while, so she’s still a great servant to pick up.

:star: :star: :star: :star: Saber Diarmuid Ua Duibhne

Diarmuid’s GP Page
A legendary hero of Celtic mythology, the man whose glorious golden saber card will undoubtedly infuriate many a Beni-Enma wanter out there, joining us as the 4-star rate-up servant is Saber Diarmuid! Unlike his tier-list-ly challenged lancer version, Diarmuid is fairly competent in the saber class. He’s a quick ST servant with a focus on criticals and survivability.


(HP and Atk scale based on level, other stats are shown at Non-MLB/MLB values)

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Mark on a Smiling Face

+500-2000 Atk
+10/15% Arts Card Effectiveness
+10/15% NP Gain
+15/20% NP Strength
+1/2 Football Bounty of the Sparrow drops

:star: :star: :star: :star:
New Year’s Mystique

+320-1200 HP
+200-750 Atk
+6/8% Arts Card Effectiveness
+6/8% Quick Card Effectiveness
+4/5% NP Gauge per turn
+1/2 Bounty of the River drops

:star: :star: :star:
A Modest Pig

+300-1500 HP
+2021/2021 QP
+0/2.1% Debuff Resist
+1/2 Bounty of the Mountains drops

Banner Schedule:

Diarmuid and the CEs are available every day.

Here’s hoping everyone gets what they want from the banner!


throw aroudn 70 sq and 20 tix, got spooked by papalot (saber) which is now NP3 and rainbow spook Napoleon which is not gonna be that useful since i have np 2 gil, but i take it better than nothing. Sadly no beni enma or smiling face CE this tim either :fgo_sadtomoe: so yeah, not really great start of the year :fgo_salieritriggered: oh also got saber diarmuid, well he can’t competet with my papalot or saber hoku so not sure if im gonna raise him


After last year’s disaster, best birb is finally mine

90sq and around 15 tickets, I think I might try my chance at NP2 later as I’ve still got a decent amount of sq and tickets
Naturally, toilet roll supremacy reigns on

she so cute I love her


@CohTahSoa You missed 3 of the CE’s from the current NY’s banners.


avoided me last year… One of my biggest failures
Aside from qsh. So the feeling of having her its oh so satisfying.


Are they on this banner? I thought the sources I checked said it was just those three.

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Oh, Fion ain’t on rate up this time? Damm, was hoping to use him for rare prisms since I got him to NP5 rolling for Tamamo last time.

Still, good luck in your rolls everyone. I’ll be stuck waiting a few days for Tammy’s rate up


Ah, I thought you were more referring to them as ‘used’ for the event.

Then never mind you’re correct then.

Just last year’s work as well.

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I have 20 tickets for Tammy when her solo rate-up happens in a couple days. With luck, maybe I’ll even get a few more MoaSF CEs? Definitely hoping for Tammy, though.

Best of luck to all of you pulling for Birb.


Beni is cute and all but I already have a good ST Arts Saber in Summer Hokusai so I’m just going to keep rolling on Yang


He may not be on rate-up but I still got him on my second ticket. Well, NP3 it is then. :fgo_gudako:

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For some reason they took Fionn off the rate ups here to put him on Eresh’s banner in February just to annoy people that will roll for her :fgo_insane:


I wish you all the best of luck, chirp!!!

Wasn’t expecting much from this banner since I didn’t get Beni last year. Threw around 70 sq (with a random Saint Martha) on the way and then this happened:

Almost missed the screenshot since I was actually just skipping and there were no orbs or anything :sweat_smile:



She evaded me last year

But she here now

excuse me while I farm seeds and feathers to ascend her tho

Also got a Stheno spook. Sabermuid is already NP5 and Stheno weirdly wasn’t, so that was kinda nice


Oh hey there, Mandricardo. Was hoping you’d show up from friendpoints, but I’ll happily take it


LANGUAGE :fgo_badciv:


Oh, come on, guys. Have you ever heard of Gordon Ramsay?

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Well I’m not fluent in anything else :feh_claudetea: