It's not an accident. I have an idea why this happens

I finally figured out why the new update bugs happened, I guess.

But first, I have to repeat this.

The uncancellable raid reward screen and the white flash are INTENTIONAL FEATURES! (Also they had been lingering for 2 weeks and beyond, this is a fact)

(There is no document about the seizure flashing or the unskippable raid rewards screen, only the framerate/lag thing)

Now back to the main topic. Did you notice this shit happened right after Pokemon Unite is announced? And it went completely unfixed for 2 weeks after the announcement?

The conclusion was that for whatever reason Niantic is tanking their game, probably even an order from GameFreak in favor of Pokemon Masters or Unite (And those games are more respectful to players unlike GO).

This might sound weird, but it’s really not uncommon for companies to do this, see what EA did to Bioware or Westwood. TPC/GameFreak could be aiming for this.

Was this in December? Because Legendaries don’t drop 3-4 XLs every time during that time


Oh and they appeared to have been patched those bugs with a new update.

Buggy updates happen in games, to varying extents, all the time. This update is particularly bad. Is it a potential sign of bad coding/poor quality control? Yeah, probably. Is it a sign that Niantic is going belly up? Not at all.

The comparison of TPC to EA doesn’t work here either. EA shut down BioWare and Westwood after an acquisition of those studios and then a corporate decision that they were “underperforming.” Unless TPC is planning an acquisition of Niantic that no one is aware of, this comparison is completely baseless.

Niantic also didn’t “tank their game” when Pokemon Masters was released in 2019, so there’s zero evidence to suggest that they will when Unite comes out. It’s also worth noting that 2020 was a massively profitable year for Niantic, mostly due to Pokemon Go.

So yeah, all signs point to the recent buggy update just being poorly executed with bad QC. There’s no secret dark conspiracies at work beyond that.