It's so kind of you to help me like this. Thank you

One sister slain, one to go. For a moment I thought Laegjarn’s weapon was in inheritable, but it’s not. That busted my bubble for revamping Mae (brave mae with special spiral). I’m sure Elincia would still enjoy Swift Sparrow 3.

Deirdre now has 60atk, 66 with visible hones, 73/71 when hitting a foe under chill res/res ploy. Resistance is 55 on initiation. Now she just needs a great ep res seal and she’ll really be set. Oh, and she doesn’t need to worry about follow-ups during initiation anymore.


People who prefer Sturdy Impact: bUt AcTuAlLy…!


Destroy the dragons. Destroy the blue mages. Crush them all. :feh_nino:


Not the dragons.

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Despite what people say about Sturdy Impact being better in every way, Mirror Impact is still a good skill none the less. Sure it’s best use is on Dragon killers or ranged units that prefer attacking Mages, it’s still good, I probably plan to give mine to my Julia or Deirdre tho the only bad thing about Deirdre is she doesn’t have her refine and Julia has the CC refine so I built her more EP than PP