It's the One and only grand Anime/Manga Thread

Excatly as the title said
this is the general anime/manga thread for gamepress
with offical endorsment from @Flower_Hermit

  1. What are you watching this season

  2. What are your favorite Animes/manga

  3. What are your most spiciest anime opinion.

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  2. Everyone actually likes mecha anime and theyre just too afraid to get into the genre , if they give it a chance, they’ll see it has everything in it that they’ll like

  1. I’ve been watching “Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?”, “To Your Eternity”, and “How Not To Summon a Demon Lord S2” (which is quite awful).

  2. My favourite anime is “Kino no Tabi: the Beautiful World” (2017 version), whilst my favourite manga is “To Your Eternity” with “Sousou no Frieren” being a close second.

  3. “Your Lie in April” is the worst anime.

If you want more of my God tier anime opinions, here’s my MAL:


“Your Lie in April” is the worst anime.

ehhhh not that spicy tbh
like 7/10 spicy

alot of ppl on my friend list would agree with you

also kino 2003s better tbh


also Kino 2003s better tbh

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I’ve watched a whole 3, am kinda watching another and might watch a 5th

  1. I’m rewatching Trigun since yesterday

  2. Samurai Champloo

  3. Not really spicy but I think the drop in quality in a lot of new anime is pretty obvious since they just cater to a certain type of community - You don’t gotta agree lol

  1. Been watching Fruits Basket and My Hero Academia (Finished the 2nd season for Fruits Basket and I’m watching through the 5th season for MHA and all caught up)

  2. Don’t have a favorite manga as I’ve never read any but, for favorite anime, I would say Fruits Basket rn honestly. Haven’t watched a lot of anime but Fruits Basket makes me feel so many emotions and I’m super invested in the story and premise

  3. I don’t have any spice opinions, not really


1/ “This season” doesn’t really fit. I diverged from anime around 2008 and mostly binged TV Series for something like 10 years, so I’m not necessarily watching brand new stuff and I wasn’t even keeping up with manga/anime releases during that, outside of Gunnm (aka Battle Angel Alita in the US). So I missed a lot of stuff and am randomly picking titles among recommendations or some stuff I watched so long ago that I didn’t remember anything from, beyond my general feeling about them.

  • Kakegurui/Gambling School and Love is war are probably the most nowadays titles I have.
  • Upcoming rewatch list: Space Adventures Cobra, Black Lagoon, Witch Hunter Robin, Ergo Proxy, FLCL (FLCL because new seasons got released recently… by Cartoon Network and I REALLY want to see what they did with it.)

2a/ Animes

  • Seto no hanayome and Arakawa under the bridge for anyone in need of a good laugh.
  • Madoka Magica, Darling in the FranXX, Ginga Tetsudou 999 and Akame ga kill on the serious side.

2b/ Mangas (only!)

  • Gunnm
  • Rosario+Vampire (if you watch the anime instead, do NOT complain. I will publicly point and laugh at you ^^)

3/ I don’t like how some titles with highly questionable content still seem to find a big enough audience to get popular.


So far this year, I finished the first season of Kakegurui and I’ve yet to watch the second. :catsupine:
It was really good and immersive, it was also rather easy to keep up too and I grew on Yumeko and Sayaka.

I also finished Demi-chan wa Kataritai, my fav was Sakie Satou. :fgo_ereshlove:

Asides that, haven’t watched anything else recently. :feh_tooobin: But been thinking if there’s anything that might catch my interest, I’ll think about it later. :feh_maethink:
I don’t watch anime often and I rarely read manga but thought of doing so.
In the past, I finished Date A Live which has a light novel (finished up to chapter 15 included), my fav is probably Izayoi Miku, but Mukuro and Tohka compete for that post too. :crazy_face: Still, I think Miku is queen.

  1. What are you watching this season

I’m not watching anything this season because I don’t have Crunchyroll premium anymore, and I won’t go on other anime websites. I LOATHE watching anime, a lot. I’m okay with watching movies because they’re usually an hour length or more but I can’t commit to watching episodes. I don’t want to, and I won’t.

Watching anime doesn’t work for me anymore, but manga does. So that’s my preferred medium between the two.

  1. What are your favorite Animes/manga

I guess back when I did watched anime, I liked Gurren Lagann and Cowboy Bebop. Both really good shows.

As far as manga goes, I really like Komi (even though I’m so far behind in it right now), One Piece (I’m up to date with 1007 chapters right now and a bit behind), Berserk, One Punch Man, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

Rurouni Kenshin is my favorite manga for being my gateway to the anime and manga medium. I grew up on it as a teenager and I still love it to death, but that doesn’t mean I like the author behind RK. Hate him actually.

  1. What are your most spiciest anime opinion.

Death Note isn’t good as it’s overrated to be. It’s boring to rewatch and has a appalling written second season.

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1. What am I watching?

Uhm… “Snow white with the red hair” and also season 3 of Fruits Basket 2019

2. What are my favorites Animes/Manga?

I think for manga it’s gotta be Fate Strange Fake, Fruits Basket, etc.

For anime I think,

Durarara, Fruits Basket(2019), and uhm Kara No Kyoukai.

3. spiciest opinions?

Haikyuu is frankly boring (and I play volleyball too)

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Did you say Season 3 is up for Fruits Basket?

Where can I watch it :feh_maristare:

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I’m dumb lol

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i’ve watched up to the third

(through reaction channels)

but yea…

it’s spicy :fgo_rinlaugh:

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Yeah, I would watch on Funimation but I can’t get it (probably) :feh_elisad:

I shall wait then sadly

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the subscribe thing is frankly stupid as it really just “pick-and-choose” the ones that are available for those who aren’t members


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Yeah :catroll:

I’ve mostly been watching my anime on Hulu lol

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oh me too

both fruits baskets are on there… AOT… Fate stay night 2006… a lot of good stuff


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