It's viable to clear endgame content with f2p/wellfare units?

Also, it’s worth to upgrade a 4 start unit to 5 star? or better keep it at 4?

There are many 4* that are worth upgrading and using, some are even meta for end game content.
Welfare units that are really worth investing into : the Prince (but only later, with 70 MC), Elisanne, Celliera, Botan,

4* that are great and advise invensting into : Lowen, Nurse Aeleen, Fleur, Joachim, H!Lowen, Emma(especially Emma), Verica, Chitose, Addis, Durant, Noelle(especially Noelle), W!Xania, Sazanka

4* that are good and viable if you like them : Hanabusa, Patia, Odetta, Orion, D!Xainfiren, Audric, S! Luca, V!Ezelith, Orsem, Karina, Musashi, Vanessa, Cleo, H! Odetta, Alex, Yachiyo.

Also, Xiao Lei, Aoi, Melody and Xania are good 3* options if you don’t have any other units.

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I was thinking to basically play with the main cast so that sounds good.

btw the Prince that has light element it’s summonable or you obtain him via some personal/upgrade quest?

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He’s summonable during Gala Banners, they happen only once per 2 months, don’t worry with him he’s nice to have for High Zodiark Trial, you should focus on learning the game and enjoying it. Once you wanna get prepared for HDT you whould start heavily considering your opsions, but TBH HDT aren’t very beginner friendly and it’s better to start endgame with Viod battles and Agito. Everything will come with time so just play for fun.

Also, if you want to get more info about the game, you should go to Reddit, there are daily megathreads with questions and tips for new players, and a lot of tutorials and pro-tips, and community is much bigger than here on Gamepress.

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That’s Gala Euden, so he’s a Gala unit. sorta-limited gacha.

Most of the standouts were mentioned already, but yeah, the upgraded basic Euden is not just meta, but preferred for a lot of fire content right now. I also fully expect that they’ll give mana circles to the other story characters when they put out each element’s.

The halloween solo event’s hardest stage was completed by a streamer using only the story units back when it first came out, then it was basically the hardest thing in the game because of no co-op.
Right now, you’ll have trouble getting in to High Zod, High Merc, and probably High Jupiter. The other trials the main cast is fine for.

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Going through the welfares
Story units

  • Euden has a Mana Spiral and is great, even preferred for HMS and Volk
  • Nobody uses Ranzal for anything.
  • Elly is great and was the go-to buffbot for MG. She might still be, but some elements have a on-element-only buffer that has a damage coability.
  • Cleo is the only 4* dark healer, but is still more of a desperation option than anything.
  • Even the story forgets about Luca.
  • Alex is fine, and people think she’s up for a mana spiral soon.
  • Everyone thought Laxi was going to be better. She looks fine, she just didn’t dethrone Rena.

Event units

  • Celery was from the very first event, and has never been rerun. She’s fine and the only water katana, but her design is distinctly outdated (damaging S1, S2 buffs S1).
  • Elias has always been terrible.
  • Botan was great before, and now with her mana spiral she’s fantastic.
  • Melsa was OK for a while for being one of the only welfares with two attack skills. Also because Ezelith used to be trash.
  • Su Fang is unmemorable.
  • Xuan Zang is OK, other units perform her niche better currently (anti-‘debuffed unit’)
  • Summer Estelle is very good and some people say better than Lily.
  • Audric is very different and interesting, was used in mHJP for dumb strats. Great for raids.
  • Hanabusa is great and finished Volk for some reason?

define “endgame” ? i’m no-where near master myself but can easily do volk/hdt with basically any hero i want - just build your facilities (16 and 31 are good breakpoints for dojos so auto IO a LOT), farm the hell out of chimera for a full set of weapons (that are still better off-element than on-element 5.3) then slap volk/standard hdt about for their buildings.

mana spirals mean balance is in flux - a worthless 3* one day might be beating 5*'s the next with a good update but get a core team that can resist a high dragons main affliction (mercury excepted).

above poster has a good roundup but standouts for me are prince & botan (even before spirals, now they are sick)

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i would define endgame with void battles and high dragon trials. something else i’m forgeting?

Agito, its pretty cool and more forgiving than HDT

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With how much Eldwater you get from content like Mercurial Gauntlet you may as well promote units to 5 star if you really like using them.

  • Aoi as mentioned before is a solid option, and she can actually outperform similar Blades in sheer DPS alone, and she doesn’t need too much outside of Mana Spiral to excel at her job. I’ve actually built her up (she was a favorite of mine at launch) and she’s done well for me.
  • Pretty much the entire healer pool for Water is solid. Even Ricardt has a decent kit with two group heals and a regen buff skill, he just needs Recovery Potency buffs.
  • Melody is insanely good. While Victor has encroached on her niche a tad, she’s still solid for DPS + Support because she buffs Strength.
  • As said before, Xiao Lei is a great support unit for Light if you missed out on Chitose, but I have to shout out Estelle as a solid budget healer if you lack Hildegard. She’s not spectacular (Single Heal + Regen Group Heal) but she’s debatably better than Vixel due to her having double heals instead of Energy support.
  • If you missed Botan and Ieyasu all like 3-4 times, Taro and Patia are great budget substitutes. Taro needs a Spiral but he still hits quite hard, especially with a Shinobi. Patia is a solid support, think of her as Shadow Ryozen with bleed stacks.
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I think we’re at a point where most players have enough Eldwaters to promote the highest tier 4⭐ units to 5⭐, check the tier list and see. You should promote your end game units, but others may not be worth promoting if they’re low on the tier list.

Regarding the 3⭐ units, most of the good ones have more or less already been powercrept I’m sure, but once again: look at the tier list to be absolutely sure. You also want to take into account the debuff resistances. Do you need a stun res fire unit or a sleep res fire unit for the battle you’re wanting to beat? For High Midgarsomr’s Trial, the answer is Stun Res. So don’t expect to waltz in with Ezelieth and Karl and get anywhere.

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