IV questions

In the legendary banner, I pulled a +res -att L!Hector and a +att - spd Mufas…Caineghis.
Now, I already have +hp copies of both and am not sure which IV to keep.
Caineghis might seem obvious, but I use him on AR-D and with a dragonflower he enters the 51 hp tier.
With hector it’s more complicated because although I use him in AR-O rarely (where he also hits 51 hp) he sees more use on my armour and fire emblem teams where he could really use the res.

On a separate note, I have 100 orbs left. Should I patch up my - spd NY!Lethe or patch up my -def Lìf (or ignore them both and save)?

Ignore both and save, CYL is soon and it’ll probably have really good fodder or really good units

I think 51 HP doesnt really do you much on defense unless you have 2 mythics that work with it well. 60 is the magic number iirc? (maybe it was 55). If it is I recommend +Atk. If youre worried about Sudden Panic, Virion, or Aversa, I think 51 wont work anyway. So probably +Atk

As for spending its up to you. Lethe probably has worse ivs for it if youre interested in fixing one or the other. Lif is just good enough to work. If its just for your favorites it really is up to you. I’d probably save unless I liked the legendary banner or liked Lethe a lot

Cyl is soon? We are not going to te the banner till August.

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Wait really? Is it that long? I was sure it was soon (ish) although my ‘sources’ aren’t exactly reliable lol

CYL is every August through September since it’s release. Anniversary is coming up, which may be what you’re thinking of, but it’s usually not TOO crazy…

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Yep, they announce the winners in a few days and then around august they release the banner. It’s good because people can save a lot of orbs if they want to + 10 one of the units.

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@Levyn and @CASantos thx now I can stop giving out faulty info lol

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