IV's for M Robin

Although many have told me that it is not worth it, I want to put together an M Robin because he is one of my favorite characters (And I want to have it with Adult Tiki and the two Morgan)
Which IV’s is better for him?
I was thinking of + Res to resist more against wizards, but I’m not sure, considering his atk

The Build that I have in mind is
Tactical Bolt+Effect
Close Counter
Quick Riposte
Atk Smoke/Flexible
Atk/Def Brazen/Close Def

That’s weird because he gives +4 to all stats in a mixed emblem team thanks to his prf weapon and can make a good support unit. I’d like to know their reasoning as to why he’s not worth it.

Ah, wanna bring the family together? Dragon Morgan when?

That’s mostly dependent on what you want him to do as well as how many merges you’re giving him.

If we’re talking about a low merge Robin (so unmerged or +1) then +Def is arguably the most popular boon for him because of his decent defense. You could possibly go with speed but unless you have someone with something like Hone Spd 4 or something then it’s really not gonna make that much of a difference.

Robin shouldn’t really be fighting mages, especially at low merges, because of his low speed in conjunction with his low resistance, unless they’re red mages and he has something like Triangle Adept.

That’s what I normally run. (Though C is Close Guard for the time being)

Spec Tactic will only work on F!Morgan if they’re all on the same team. Tactic skills only work on a movement type if there’s 2 or less of them on that team.

As for his boon, Def will be better for your planned build, but I’m concerned for the team since you’d have neither a green unit nor a heavy magic tank (depending on F!Morgan’s build). Given the blue/colourless magic meta, this could pose a problem for you.