Jack or Kama? Who’s better?

I’ve been told Kama is one of the best SSR assassins in JP right now and I plan on rolling for her when she comes around.
How does she compare to Jack though? Jack’s main strengths come from high hit counts, fantastic star generation, and a powerful NP.
Looking at Kama’s kit it looks like she also has a powerful kit, but not as specialized as jack.
Am I missing something? What’s the general consensus regarding power between these two?

Most will agree that Kama is the overall better Servant by virtue of her huge battery, powerful skills, and stacking 3T Quick buff with each NP activation.

Jack is very good, too, and can be situationally better, but Kama is a very safe bet for someone who has copies of neither and is looking to choose a banner.


I see. Thanks!

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Well the best assassin in jp right now is Sitonai or Vlad. Kama is still better than jack, though.


Castoria meme responses not allowed :stuck_out_tongue:


To paraphrase Rabbit, Jack makes more stars but Kama does everything else better!


Kama will even surpass Jack on damage to females with their np after the first np of a Skadi Loop.


Between the two I think kama is better because of the battery, also has the anti alter-ego np if im not wrong, but jack is good as well but ypu might as well try to roll for kama cause jack might spook you anyway :fgo_megane:

Kama > Jack due to Kama having a fat battery to help her spam NP.


Jack has a “np upgrade” (only half of a normal upgrade) and is better against female bosses. She generates way more stars and has a safer survivability in the form of an evade (unfortunately tied to her quick buff) while having utility in instant buff removal combine to make Jack great. You might run her just for the ridiculous stargen.

Kama, is a fantastic character. A guts with no time limit (even if tues to her attack buff), 3 turn quick buff before every np, great np generation, a 50% battery, a charm with 80% success rate on every np and very high attack make her incredible. She might deal less damage against females but she compensates for basically being 5 star Assassin version of Rider Kintoki with more survivability.


Have the numbers been run on this? Cause I have my doubts.

Quick NPs are slightly stronger than arts or buster and with her stacking quick buff I am not so sure.

Castoria Sitonai might loop better but I would think Kama would come out ahead damagewise especially if she can Skadi Loop.

I think the gap between the Castoria model and the Skadi one here is that the Skadis don’t come with a combined 60% NP Gain Up in addition to the card effectiveness buff, so BG Kama is much less stable and more RNG dependent.

She’s still excellent and will work just fine, of course, but yeah, it’s true that Vlad will eclipse her and damned near everyone else as a high-damage, looping ST DPS with twin Castorias.

Here’s an np2 Vlad destroying a rider

Keep in mind for Kama to run Chen gong you need an MLB scope and an MLB 500 year obsession (ironic).

Which of them wears pants?

Trick question.

Kama’s outfit is made like

and Jack’s is made out of


I hope they will release a jack costume thats is pants or shorts or even the white dress.

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Yeah, that +60% NP gain buff is just cheating, you can’t beat that when you know Castoria is already buffing the card that is the most suited for NP refund.
Quick also suffer for having less dedicated supports than Art or Buster. That’s a historical plague due to DW bias.


I don’t mind saying that looping her is less stable and Far Trickier but I just find it hard to believe that they can beat her for overall damage in ideal conditions. Especially with that stacking quick buff.

In particular, Sitonai doesn’t seem possible. Vlad with his berserker mod and high attack paired against Kama’s assassin mod and low attack maybe. However, i can’t see Sitonai and her equally low strength and 1.5x effective rate over coming Kama’s 2x damage and buffs.

I’ll run the numbers by hand tomorrow just to check

I don’t mind saying that it is harder to set it up, I just question if in equally ideal situation they can beat her.

I’ll try to math it out by hand tomorrow.


I see what you mean.

I guess what I’n thinking is that it’s too difficult to guarantee her the loops she needs in order to reach that damage potential; if I’m not mistaken, she’s incapable of slotting BG and looping off of NP refund alone except possibly once, with the aid of her battery, where Vlad should be able to guarantee three consecutive casts with the right setup (Sitonai and Archuria having no issues there).

Will check it out.


Most likely none of them can match Kama’s damage against Rider. Notice that Vlad output around 385k when buffed only with double Castoria buff and he has mlb BG + NP2. My NP2 Kama could do that much without even BG with her 1st NP shot on that run (though Kama’s being naturally loaded with more buffs mean that she’ll has a weaker scaling for every other additional buff).
But well, Castoria main benefit is that she makes blue NP looping ridiculously consistent. And consistent > damage as long as damage thresholds are reached. Kama’s does better than the other Quick ST thanks to her battery but it’s still a bit behind Castoria comps in term of consistence IMO.

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I think another advantage of skadi system is that your quick cards will also hit like NPs. I recognized it is rng dependent, but I think it might as well be the quick team’s motto “we either 3T clear or we crash and burn”

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