Jalter, and Cleo, and Oei, Oh my! New Year's Celebration 2021 Roll Thread

I’ve been waiting nearly a year for this banner, so while it may be a bit early, I’m not taking the chance of someone getting the jump on this roll thread before me!

Our Seven New Year’s Servants are…!
The one! The Only! The frequently-on-rate-up!
King of Heroes… Gilgamesh!

Next up we have the slayer of the evil dragon Fafnir! Wielder of the Demonic Sword Gram! The Saber that would rather punch knives at someone than cut them with a sword!
Brynhild’s Beloved… Kai- I mean, Sigurd!

Hang on to your quartz for our next Servant; she’s a warrior without peer! The beautiful Slayer of Gods! Mentor to Ireland’s Child of Light! The ahem young lady who will kill you if you even think of calling her old!
The Queen of the Land of Shadows… Scáthach!

Our next Servant joins us all the way from Rome! While on vacation, no less! A shameless self-proclaimed beauty with supposedly infinite talent as an artist! The woman whose singing is so bad, it skipped right past being a sonic weapon straight to becoming a beam weapon!
The Fifth Emperor of the Roman Empire… Nero Claudius (Caster)!

Not wanting to be outdone, our next Servant makes her stylish entrance! The woman who’s beauty is matched only by her intelligence and incredible work ethic who will do anything to get her beloved Caesar back in shape! Also secretly a Stand user!
The last Pharaoh of Egypt… Cleopatra!

Servant Number Six normally wouldn’t be caught dead in this situation, but has graciously decided to make an exception! The Saint who almost destroyed France! The woman who claims to be hatred and vengeance incarnate! And possibly the biggest tsundere in our line up!
The Dragon Witch… Jeanne d’Arc Alter!

And finally, our last Servant, who first made an appearance during last year’s banner! The Father-Daughter team who paint incomparable Ukiyo-e works! The genius behind “The Thirty Six Views of Mount Fuji!” The extraterrestrial octopus that lets his daughter do all the work!
Katsushika… Hokusai!


New Limited Time CEs


Blue-eyes White Dragon! Attack Brynhildr!


If Hokusai evades me I am going to cry




Lovely choices in fanart! We’ll see how much I end up yoloing. But with no Christmas temptations and a login bonus coming up, maybe more than normal. But the real question is: try for np2 Hokusai or someone new?


This New Year’s is an amazing banner.

Thank god I have all of my targets. I could not do more rolls right now, not with so many great Servants.


I have eyes for Jalter, Hokusai and Nero for this banner but I may need to prioritize Nero since she’s the only one who’s not coming back. Correct me if I’m wrong here (not counting the GSSR).


I have two targets, and two targets only:
Cleopatra, and Hokusai.
A wild Gil would be nice, too.

I’m not making roll plans until I see the schedule. I’m actually going to try and see if I can get Hokusai to NP5, but only after I get Cleo.


This is Hokusai’s last known banner.

Any of the CEs particular standouts this banner?

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I haven’t looked into any of them yet. :fgo_gudako:

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I think there’s that Arts one with Mash


I’d say instead that Nero is the least likely to see another rate-up. Sometimes they do bring back summer Servants for other events, but they’re just as likely to pull that shit they did on JP this year by adding them to a banner without putting them on rate-up.

I’d be very surprised if Hokusai never returned, but she will have a long gap until her next rate-up, barring unlikely NA Thanksgiving shenanigans.

Hokusai answer my calls plz. This Chaldea is perfect for you!


iirc it’s this one
Take it with a big grain of gacha salt though

Increase Arts Card effectiveness by 10%.
Increase NP Gain by 10%.
Increase NP Strength by 15%.


Increase Arts Card effectiveness by 15%.
Increase NP Gain by 15%.
Increase NP Strength by 20%.


Being kinda new to the game, and wanting so many servants is going to kill me :fgo_jeannu:

My main target is the Great Emperor, but in an ideal world I’d love to have spare SQ to give it to either Jalter or Shishou.

Hope to post here in the near future and not in the salt thread :fgo_deadinside:


Sign of the Smiling Face is the premier no-starting-NP Arts looping CE, but Cute Orangette is very similar, and we’ll want to use Black Grail for the better loopers, anyway.

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we’ll want to use black grail for the better loopers anyways

Picking your brain: theoretical space ishtar looping. CE of choice?

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Ate these CE’s for each particular Servant Banner?

We also get a GSSR shot around this time too don’t we?

While I’m not on JP, my understanding is that she is not dependent on any CE for looping in traditional farming setups, so usually Black Grail or the relevant event CE.

Sign would be nice to have, but since I have no targets left, I’m not rolling just to get this CE and MLB it. My best loopers shouldn’t need it.

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