Jalter, and Cleo, and Oei, Oh my! New Year's Celebration 2021 Roll Thread

Gil, Jalter and Caster Umu would be nice. Though the former and the latter I already have, but NP2 would be nice.

Similarly NP2 Gilgamesh n Jalter would be nice, but Hokusai is Target number 1. Anything else is nilla.

Hope you get her, her defense down potential is absurd.

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They did that on JP? Then those odds suck even more. It’s a shame about Hokusai too. I have Nero at NP1 and was hoping for NP2 to get her damage up but lack Hokusai and Jalter. It’ll probably be a game time decision then.

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The nice thing about Nero is that her s3 still lets her be flexible even if her damage won’t carry the team, so it might be worth it to aim for a new Servant unless you have your heart set on NP2+.

I do use my NP5 Nero for free quest farming and the odd node where her combination of personal battery and targetable buff is useful, but generally the NP++ is a luxury since NP refund farmers are much more desirable most of the time.

Honestly, it’s a really good lineup. If I didn’t need every quartz I could get heading into early 2021 I’d be really tempted to jump all in for that new years banner. There’s no one there that I want that I don’t have at least one copy of.

But I’m still groaning over the failure last summer to finish getting Nero to NP5. That one NP level will always vex me. Hokusai at NP2 would be nice of course. And I’ve had Jalter at NP3 since that one multi-pull on her banner.

We’ll see. I’d rather hang onto what I have to aim for others. It’s a great lineup to be sure.


Ah, a man of culture I see.

Cleo is hands down my favorite Assassin to use for almost any content and it would be a huge boon if I could get her to NP2. I whaled to get Hokusai to NP2 last year and while I would love to get her maxed in every capacity, I feel like I need to save for Kama & Altjuna with my limited funds. Best of luck to you!


I can personally attest to Cleo’s effectiveness at NP2. I’m tempted to go to NP3 still knowing it’s not gonna do much. I’ll probably throw something at her and Hokusai’s banner but otherwise I have my eyes on Beni.

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So many great Servants but my goal here is to finally get my Hokusai to NP2. She would also be my jackpot for GSSR since it would mean going into Kama’s banner with even more SQ.

I’d love to get Cleo or a Jalter dupe but priorities are elsewhere atm. Nero is already NP2 so I can skip her too.


I hope Cleo will come to my Chaldea and another copy of Jalter to have her NP2 would be appreciated too.

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All I want for New Year’s is you, Shishou~!


Yes been waiting for Scathach, got her materials and grails all set aside. So you know because I am actually prepared for this servant she is going to evade me like nothing else. May the gacha be kind to everyone in celebration of a new year


Just here for Shishou. :fgo_scathachlove: :relaxed:



Must NP2 before the Pyon~ comes. :fgo_gudakolewd:


FIFY :upside_down_face:

I already have DaVinci as a big battery ssr caster… But nero is soooo tempting to open up more arash meme options…


Too many tempting servants: Nero, Jalter, Cleopatra… But I’m going to roll only for Hoku, with whatever I have left after Beni. Unless I hit the jackpot and get her in the GSSR.


I need to try that. :slight_smile: I don’t think I’ve ever run Arash with Nero. What good nodes come to mind that’s good for that comp?

The Saber Quetzmas Node.


Any node you want to use Stella twice or just revel in arash getting to use his victory lines :fgo_arashsmile:. Quetz is a good option too between her 21% charisma and her guts with 30% buster. Though nero can clear a wave beside supporting arash.

Right now I have to use paracelsus or anniversary blonde. Looking forward to Asclepeus for more guts options, but he comes with team battery.


Quick question. Is it the general consensus that the gssr will show up along with the new year banners, or will it show up after?

Usually along the new year banners