Jalter vs. Jalter Berserker

The time has finally come, where I finally decided which Servants (read: Waifus) I want to grail up to Level 100.
The idea is to grail 3 Servants to 100 that have either an Arts-, Quick-, or Buster-ST-NP.
It just sort of happened, that three of the Servants I considered for grailing share this trait.

One of those I considered was Jeanne Alter Berserker, the Welfare Servant we are going to get next year in summer.
But now that I checked up on her Skills and all… She isn’t all that impressive, gameplay-wise, is she?
I mean, compared to her original Avenger-form, she looks kinda pale.

I know it’s all about grail for love not gameplay and such. But if she’s really that much worse, than Avenger-Jeanne, I’d rather consider grailing her.

That’s why I wanted to hear some thoughts on her from others (preferably JP players), if she actually is a good Servant or not.

Thanks in advance!

jerker(fcku thats what im calling it)
is basically your hard hitting st zerk
you know LU BU?
shes that
2 way of buffing her attack
a static 20% np charge, for kscope and cause dw never gives a buster welfare more than 20%

burn damage is some nice residue if you get a low damage roll and you need that extra 3k damage to kill them

some np gain buff with a 4 hit arts card
and an evade every turn 1 time
so if you dont bring a kscope, you can still get some decent np gain

she wont deal that much due to this being a special quest, but in general, this is what you’ll be using jerker for

but shes basically mecha liz, but a zerk

my suggestion, since you;re doing gameplay
why not consider cost
a 4 star grailed to lv 100 costs less than a 5 star grailed to lv 100(it takes 10 mil to grail a 4 star from 98-100 as oppose to a 5 star’s 20 mil)


I grained Jalter the moment I got her and is the only grailed servant I have, I contemplated jailter but considered that the daily farming quests are more or less what’s she’s best at. And 80lv is fine.

With this “jerker” I have to say that get her to lv80 first and then consider if it’s worth it. It think maybe she’s worth it just for the flames and lols but really if she can’t synergise with the memelin and herc then what’s the point. I do like flames tho it’s a great way to get around evasion skills when you don’t have skills up.

Thanks for your replies.
After considering all the ups and downs, I think I’m going to grail Jalter. She’s worth it and in her case I can truly think it’s for the best.
Though it will take a lot of time from now on, since I’m in need of 4 more grails, to realize this plan. Agartha, next Summer-Event, next Halloween, Shimousa… Yeah, by then I can do it.
And since Jalter Berserker is coming out next year, I will have two more grails to level her to 90, which will suffice.
After those three I that want to grail to 100, every other Servant will be grailed max 90.

Thanks again for your replies. Helped a lot.