January Jeanne Alter Banner

Do you think she is worth it?

I mean, i do not dislike her nor i do share the hype about her.
But i admit that she is a nice avenger.

Do you think she’s worth using all the few tickets we will get from now till the event in January?

Because this would seriously undermine my whole summer summoning rolls. (Since money don’t grow on threes, SQZ neither and i want to have 600 SQZ for Nitocris assassin. Let’s see this time if she’ll escape from we, with 20 times a 10x roll )

She’s somewhat overhyped. I have her and barely use her, to be honest - it’s funny to see what silly numbers she can put out against Berserkers and Rulers, but for anything else class advantage is usually better.
Definitely not worth rolling for unless you like her character.


Ok, then i’ll give her my Kiara treatment. I mean, what i did when i got Kiara in CCC event.

I’ll use 3 Tickets. Only 3.
Fate will decide.
That’s is another way to say i won’t get her. But at least i try in the most gamble way possible.

Totally worth it.
Until the arrive of Skadi, she is without a doubt the best Avenger and definitely one of the best Buster Crit Servants out there.
You should also consider, that Jalter has the highest ATK stat of all Servants!
So even without any class advantage, she deals a really good amount of damage. More than that, she doesn’t have any class disadvantage, besides the usual Berserkers and Moon Cancers (you won’t see them a lot though).

She’s one of the best boss killers AND her NP doesn’t only inflict curse, but also Nullify Buff, which can be a real life saver at some points. Sure, the Nullify Buff is rather niche and won’t find much real use most of the time. But nevertheless it’s a great addition to her overall great kit.

Believe, she’s not popular for nothing.


Nope. She does a lot of damage, but that’s it. Even if you do get her, she’s very needy, requiring shit like bones, fangs, and 55 hearts. In gameplay, she needs like 25 or so crit stars to crit consistently each turn anyway. Roll for her if you want but don’t think you’ll bring her out often.

Opinion seems divided.

Let’s put a difference between" Useful " and " must have ".

Quetzcoatl is a useful Rider, she alone can devastate caster mobs and bosses (personal experience, i have her). But i would never say that she is a “must have”.

Jeanne Alter?

Waifu reasons = must have
Gameplay = an option, since class advantage it’s for the most part used and even you could borrow her from support list


Personal experience?
She’s an all-rounder! There are hardly any harder battles in which I don’t use her. She’s just that versatile.

I mean… Ozy? Drake? There’re other options for pretty much any Servant. Sure as well for Jalter in the form of Servants with class advantage, if you will.

I can only say that she deals incredible damage and is totally versatile. The rest is up to you.

No waifu for me, plus i already have Gorgon NP2 level 96 and Hessian Lobo NP2.
It’s not as if i do need another Avenger.

Useful. Her big damage and utility makes her useful in a some CQ’s and story quests, but that’s all. In farming you’ll just bring type advantage anyway so. Hell, even in CQ’s, a support Cu Alter can take care of most of them with his high regular damage and survivability. She’s just unneeded since she can’t crit the enemy and be done with due to break bars, and her less than stellar survivability doesn’t give her much of a chance of using Self-Modification again anyway.

You know, she has the 3 turns crit stars gather skill for a reason.
Plus, a Cu wouldn’t crit more than her.

Shes my goal hands down. I use her on harder fights from friends. Her DPS is amazing. Definitely my number 1 Servant. Her Buster DPS with the buffs and Merlin keeping her rocking has blown away many a difficult encounter.

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With 2 avengers, ST & AOE, i see no need to roll for her if not for waifu reasons.
Just compare your interest for her vs nitocris

’ and be done with’ she can crit, I’m not that illiterate.
Yeah, and he doesn’t need to. His regular attacks alongside his stellar survivability can deal with most CQs with some help of the 1-3 star servants.

With a 5 turn CD? Use her Crit Skill, break, the first bar, buff her with Waver Crit skill or Merlin, whatever, break the second bar. By then, her Skill is usable again, use her crit buff again and done.
It’s that simple.
I mean, during one of those break bars you can already use her NP, so it doesn’t really matter anyway.

In my experience it’s more of: Use Self-Mod, crit 1 out of the two cards, don’t crit at all the next turn, break bar, then crit the quick card even though it only had like 30% crit chance. Maybe I’m just really damn unlucky when using her, but what stars I do get don’t come to her at all.
Also, her starweight even at MAX Self-Mod doesn’t give much consistency. 235 Star weight is higher than the entire cast, but because of how stars are distributed its more likely for the cards Jeanne to have like, 60% critchance even though there was like 25 stars on the field.

She’s one of the top 3 Servants which I want to have, but never get. Cu Alter, Jalter, Raikou…just thinking about them makes me sad (especially the latter two).

That aside, are you the type who plays stall teams or the type who plays DPS teams? If it’s the former, then you don’t really need her. If it’s the latter, you should definitely have her. Sure, you can pick her off the Support List, but that would also mean you won’t be able to play double Merlin + Jalter teams (provided you have your own Merlin, that is).

However, if you really like Nitocris Assasin, then forget what I said and just spend all your sq on her.

A thing to note though: If you skip the 2020 Jalter banner, you’d have to wait until January 2021 to have another go for her (outside of the GSSR).

I’m neither. A mix of the 2 probably.
Anyway, i’ll avoid her.
My tickets and quartz will go on Nito and before her i have to get another copy of Tama Lancer, to get her at NP2

Do you have a Merlin to pair her with?

If you do with Jalter you’ll have a reliable team that can clear most of the hard content, i don’t know how many SSRs you have but she’s usually a huge help to most players… though it’s true than now we have many other alternatives compared to when she first came out.

I’m mainly talking about the gameplay because after her event we’ll get Setsubun, so it’s worth considering if you’d need a good ST dps to clear it or if you’re fine as you are.

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Jeanne Alter is useful, just like Quetz. But she’s not a must have at all. There are very few must haves in the first place.