Jeanne Archer vs Dantes

Hello everybody, i manage to get Skadi and i have Parvati NP2 and Atalante NP2 to loop with her. In the moment i am sitting in 300 SQ so i was thinkin in trying hard for Dantes in his next banner around a month but i am also tempted for Jeanne Archer but my only arts supports are paracelsus and CasGil so i want some advice gameplay wise about what to do. Btw, i want to give it a try in the Archuria banner cuz i dont have ST archers and this is her last rate up. Basically all i like about Jarcher is waifu cuz i love her desing but i am aware she is pretty good.

It is really up to you. They’re both absolute aces in the looping game. Dantes has a small advantage in that he has slightly better damage and is class-neutral to the majority of nodes, as well as the sheer ease of the DSS loop as opposed to the stricter Arts looping.
On the other hand, Jarcher is insanely self-sufficient, to the extent that she’s used on Lancer nodes despite her disadvantage (or so I hear). Arts is pretty easy to support with F2P units and borrowing a Tamamo here and there, and Paracelsus enables ludicrous amounts of Arts looping potential just on his own. Jarcher also holds the unique distinction of being able to achieve that loop without leaning on any particular CEs, in more intense setups.
TL;DR pull for the one that you think has a better design/animations whatever. They’re both massively useful so there’s no harm in whichever you pull for. From a pure gameplay perspective, Jeanne has the edge on self-sufficiency versus Dantes who is intensely reliant on Skadi to unlock his true, albeit slightly higher, potential. I personally would go for Jeanne, but it’s really 50/50.