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Well, we’ve got the dates for the “A Meihousou Most Foul” event in 3 days, and with that should come a combination Jalter/Tristan/Salieri (though don’t summon on this banner if your goal is Salieri - he’s 4% there, and 40% on the Extra-class banner). I’m also not expecting any changes to the GP reviews for any of these servants.

However, as far as I can see there was never one of these made for Jalter or Tristan (I think both released before the GP forum was a thing? 2018 vs the forum in 2019) and @Sizzle made one for Anastasia, but none of the other people that released for LB2 like Ivan, Atalante Alter, or Salieri (note - I’m not sure I’ll do one for Salieri, maybe I’ll have the desire though this week.)

And even though most of us should have a good idea of what these Servants that have been out for a long time are capable of, there probably are going to be some new people that poke around on a search engine and find these threads, we can talk about upcoming buffs or supports, how they stack up now vs. how they did when they were released (Siegfried, Fionn, MHX all seem doomed to remain in people’s bad graces despite their numerous and substantial buffs that actually make them good now).

So first, Jalter. I still remember where I was when I didn’t summon her in April 2018. I still kinda want her. But is she good or am I just stubborn?

tenor (3)


S1 is what I consider to be Jalter’s bread and butter, it’s a 50% 3 turn crit damage steroid that also packs a large enough gather buff to edge her out over Riders - not that you want to pair her with Riders, really, but when with way some Support Casters she will be grabbing all of the stars. It’s also what made her the original face of Merlin-powered Buster crit memes :fgo_buster: This is still a good skill for her with a short CD. (She also has a 10% Crit damage passive, meaning it’s 60% here for 3 turns.)

Her S2 is less special, as most of the time it’s a standard Charisma that occasionally (mostly with the Seibas and Lizs of the world) grants an extra 20% if the Servant is a Dragon. Lancer Melt but not the OG Melt might be the only really surprising one that has that trait. Note the Gray we just got is a Seiba-face but isn’t a Dragon.

S3 has a 1 turn Invincibility at the cost of a flat 1k HP demerit across all levels, but then boosts Jalter’s Buster damage by 50% for a turn at max. I’ve always found myself using this offensively - a NPBB chain with this melts any enemy I’ve come across.

Skill (and Ascension) Mats:

As an Avenger, JAlter doesn’t need any Monuments/Pieces/Gems but instead requires smaller amounts of a larger number of mats. She needs Proofs, Dust, Crystals, Gears, Feathers, Claws, Blood, Hearts, Fangs, Bones, Seeds, Pages, Jewels, Lanterns, and Horns…basically some of every mat that existed at her release except for Babies, Scales, Grease, and Roots.

The amount she needs vs. what we get in shops over the next 3 months:

10 Proofs (16); 10 Dust (47); 10 Crystals (14); 10 Gears (33); 10 Claws (10); 10 Blood (20); 55 Hearts (21); 30 Fangs (0); 30 Bones (66); 36 Seeds (35); 36 Pages (0); 36 Jewels (13); 45 Lanterns (22); 45 Horns (21).

Since most of these are in small numbers that you probably have lying around, especially since Bones/Dust/Pages/Lanterns/Hearts dropped from all your Barbatos farming, I won’t break down the best farming spots and just say farm Hearts, the rarest and the most asked for mat, at Crow’s Nest in Salem.

Verdict: JAlter’s skillset by today’s standards is pretty plain, but it’s still very functional. I’d like her Charisma to have more than just the somewhat bump for Dragons (a case of lore taking the priority over gameplay, JAlter is not a support Servant), or her Buster buff to have a longer uptime, maybe an NP gain boost for her 2 Arts cards and not terribly bad hit counts, or a star gen boost to give her more stars to crit with. She’s just gone a long time without a buff is all.

NP: A Buster NP nuke even without class advantage. Again, something that could really use a buff now that we’re 3 years into her existence and JP is 5 years in, costumes and alts are great but some love for the OG would be better :catdance: It has Curse as an OC effect but the hidden gem here is Buff Block - 1 time, not 1 turn, but that can mess with boss break bar effects or even just nasty skills like Invincibility Pierce. Buff Block is slept on too much imo.

But an Interlude would be godly for her.

Outlook: Paired with 2x Merlin, or Merlin and a choice of Waver/bost-buff Hans, Jalter can still chew through a large amount of content. But she hasn’t gotten any buffs in the next 2 years in JP, so she’s dragging vs. the faster play of a lot of her Extra-class competition. Melt with double Skadi and Melt’s own stacked crit buffs has just way more NP spam and damage potential; Sherlock introduced Arts crit (and QSH has that + Buster crits and resists damage, which Jalter doesn’t); Vlad or Galatea + Castoria is just a more consistent omni-boss fight team you don’t have to think about. Superhuman Orion will better clear bosses with crit damage that’s just insane.

…but Himiko, if you roll for her, might be the best thing going for Jalter in the future. An Attack buff that also gains 8 stars/turn, giving Jalter more damage + helping with the star gen. An NP that boosts Buster for all allies + crit damage for all allies, both for 3 turns. Himiko kinda wants to use that herself, but it can be played around with.

Otherwise consider Osakabehime, more crit damage (50% for 3 turns); a targetable battery for Jalter (that increases her star gen); a quasi-heal to offset Jalter’s S3 demerit, Buster up on her NP, and Defense (something Jalter mostly lacks, but due to neutral damage and low HP needs).

But mostly still run double Merlin :fgo_buster:

TL;DR: Jalter with an Interlude or RUQ would probably be worth bringing places again, and done right could reintroduce Buster crits into a world of Arts NP looping or Skadi Quick crits. She’s the chicken fingers at a restaurant you’ve never been to before - safe, reliable, known, but not as intriguing as the rest of the menu.


Always orders chicken fingers

This explains so much


Really though, I didn’t realize until just now that Jalter has never gotten a rank up or NP interlude

Her skills and NP are the same now as at release 5 years ago for her, despite having multiple events (da Vinci’s reran, even), the Christmas one (got an alt), the summer one (got an alt), Shinjuku, this murder mystery one coming up…multiple costumes and alts but no skill buffs.

The poor girl.


We’re gonna need lots of popcorn for this.

I remember how someone tried to jump down my throat when I had the temerity to state that the great and beautiful Jalter wasn’t very useful in my Chaldea.


She really wanted an AU more than anything else.

OG Jalter:

Summer Jalter:

Her model is just really sad.


I borrowed her recently, was there a fight with a ruler in the Case Files event? I know there was, I just don’t remember who it was.

She really was good at her release, there weren’t other Servants crowding her out on crit or NP damage (maybe Scathach for NP damage on Divine, but her charging was and is wonky). And then Merlin released ~8 months later and it was a match made in heaven.

Healing, Attack, Stars (passive and via drop rate), NP gain, Buster, Invincibility…literally everything she wanted, he gave. It was such a great team.


My Jalter hits harder than most 4 star berskers at neutral damage so She’ll be fine.

Unfortunately one of those 4 star berserkers is Jalter.


Then Powercreep happened.


I’d make more excuses to use my Jalter if she got a real AU. I mean, I liked her enough to do this the first chance I got:

The bobblehead sprite has got to go, but the right Buster support could possibly bring her back to semi-regular use. Her skills are very good; just not matched well to what we consider efficient gameplay these days.

An NP strengthening wouldn’t hurt, but it also wouldn’t really “fix” her on its own.


Idk, I still like her animations.

The way her flaming spears get summoned to skewer people when she waves her sword at them and stuff.
I’m not a fan of her Shinjuku sprite though, if I had her I’d keep her in her stage 1 ascension.

Anytime they want to hit us with that dress from HNS or the newest JP CE is fine by me though


Her animation concepts are great.

What she needs is the recent Amakusa treatment, also enjoyed by Gil.


Still devastated that Scathach got the bunny outfit over this absolute look


Hot take but the bunny outfit is booring


Confession: I hate bunny outfits.

Artoria Ruler actually has a gorgeous third Ascension…but the goddamn bunny ears.


Only one i like is Riyo Rider.
Just because she is so absurd and i would love to see how it would look like in-game.


Look Gou, no ears


I like bunny girls but bunny girl outfits suck 90%

Its usually just two ears and a tail on top of a minimum of effort.


For the record, this is the description of her Noble Phantasm “Le Voyage dans la Lune”:

“Can you survive the attacks from the insectoids that rule over the lunar surface until the whole 10-minute long Noble Phantasm animation finishes playing out?”

This is her second NP, “Theatre Plaisir”:

" Used offensively, Rider emulates Cinema Paradiso by summoning the film reels, spreading the films strips, and then lighting them on fire to incinerate the enemy. The theater itself can also become an “inglorious execution grounds” to trap her enemies inside while burning it down."


Naruto be like


In my experience, her lack of type advantage is offset by her 1.1 modifier plus having the highest raw damage in the game. She still hits like a truck. Combine that with her crit skill and she’ll shred up hundreds of enemies. She may not be high tier anymore but she is faaaar from bad.