Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) shinjuku 1999

I just play FGO on Math 2020, so I miss Jalter Shinjuku skin. Now I just roll out Jalter. I want to ask if I can have the skin in the future?

Not in the foreseeable future

Is there any hope for it to be sell in mana prism shop? Because I see that Parvati skin was sell in there.

Shinjuku outfit was tied to an event. We don’t know if it will ever come back.

Na has the benefit of seeing 2 years ahead since Jp is ahead of us and we usually follow whatever pattern they do. They’ve yet to have the outfit available in any sense again since the da vinci event last ran, so it’s “possible” but it most definitely isn’t within the next 2 years

Is there any situation when an event custom was sold again or can be claimed in another way in the past?

If it hasn’t happened on FGO JP yet, then we will have no info on it.

This particular event has already had its rerun and has not been made available since on JP, nor has this costume been offered via prism shop.

Anything could happen, but at this point we have no reason to expect that this will change. No event costumes have returned AFAIK.

Well event costumes have returned if they were introduced in the og run (like mebd’s prison warden costume) but jalter’s costume was introduced in the rerun, so only the one shot at it.

Costumes in FGO are extremely limited sadly if tied to events, they may come in RPs shop eventually but that depends on DW.

They could expand on that main interlude feature as a way for players to pick up things they missed in specific events but it seems DW is strict even on that. We only got 2 events in years.

To be 100% clear this is nothing but speculation - but I can’t imagine they’ll let them be unobtainable forever. The JP player base is still growing and it’s possible that there will be surges from the Fate/Extra, and, to a lesser extent, Tsukihime remakes, and then again if they decide to remake CCC. While those likely will have associated costumes as well, there are certain costumes, Nero’s especially, that are so long gone and on Servants so popular and/or central to other key properties that it seems almost too obvious to make at least those costumes accessible to new players, for consumer satisfaction if nothing else.

We know for fact it’ll be more than 2 years, and if my theory is correct likely 3 or 4 (unless its part of release celebration package, which they have historically decided to bring forward). And even then, no guarantee that Jalter’s specifically will come back. But if you’re intending to still be playing FGO in the far-flung year of 2025 it is my (completely unqualified) opinion that the odds will be in your favour.


I do like that optimism!

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No idea if it was an event, but the Mash Swimsuit skin sets a nice precedent that gives me hope for the Shinjuku costume.

Good news! As of very recently, the wardrobe key for Medb’s outfit from Summer 2 has been announced for the RP shop, 5 RP to be precise. The other parameters are yet unclear, at least with as much Japanese as I can read (is it permanent? Only during the event? We’ll see) but it has returned.

Again, no news on Jalter, but this has broken the seal on rerunning old outfits so the chances have gone up.