Jeanne d'Arc (Archer) General Discussion

The first 5* available for Summer 3 , an AoE Arts looper with a battery. Any good?

Yes, if you have the right supports and/or are lucky enough to get her to NP2+

This is a wonderful look into her NP spam/refund potential:

Napoleon and maybe even Ishtar have better team-support among the 5*; Tesla and Gil have better NP damage in many nodes thanks to their bonus against most Servants; all 4 have/will have NP interludes to boost their damage over hers.

If she got an NP interlude to boost damage/apply “Waterside” trait to herself for 3T, she’d rocket up in my opinion. As is, I have many great Arts supports so I know I’ll be trying hard for her.

Your thoughts?


I have every top Arts support but will likely pass. She doesn’t hit her peak usefulness in events until Nero Bride gets her rank up in about a year, which should coincide with Jarcher’s rerun banner.

For anyone who has Arts support but not the Skadi system, she is probably a top target even now.

Also, her traited ATK buff for Good-aligned Servants is an interesting bit of utility.


I’m hoping to get her, gotta collect all the waterside saints! :fgo_ereshwoah:

I didn’t know she had the Good-alignment-based charisma, all the more reason to get her aside from waterside teamups with Martha Ruler and generally being a good Arts looper.


I would say that Tamamo’s buff for NP damage would be another thing that would help her out quite a bit - the more damage the better for her not only to clear waves but to have that overkill for refund.

The problem there is lack of NP charge.

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This is about all I need, really. She can refund well, but her damage is oof and you’re really wanting for BG (really looking at MLB, I know mine… unfortunately does not shine :sob:), multiple NP levels, and of course Bride/Tamamo (RIP no Tamamo yet). And Edmond NP1 can still match her easily.

Still aiming for both though. I can wait and hope for an NP SQ (let a girl dream), and I’ve been waiting for this banner almost as long as I’ve been waiting for a Summer Jeanne at all.

Don’t care about the overlap with my currently-superior Ishtar (who I also want more copies for), or Nyanta (who can already farm excellently so if you’re just after convenient/5-slotting… Nyanta already hard fills that if you can run her). Don’t have anything to say about issues mentioned here or elsewhere, because they’re all accurate as well unless you can at least somewhat support her - and even then you may well have ‘superior’ options for farming or CQ blitzing.


I feel like you’d use both. Or a mix - Paracelsus, Bride, Tamamo, and one of them x2.

That doesn’t work if she doesn’t have a starting NP CE (unless you double bost-buff Bride, then it’d be 30%+30%+40%).

Yeah, the “no bad Archers” meme is apparent here - there are just so many options, and a lot of them can already loop (though some are expensive, like Ishtar can loop with MLB Kscope + Waver + Skadi + support, but that’s a lot).

Napoleon, Ishtar, Gil, and Tesla all exist already with batteries of their own, and Atalante + Skadi is almost universal at high NP levels.

She has a lot of competition.

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The 6-slot comps depend on Bride’s rank-up. That’s why I’m not in favor of picking her up for gameplay reasons just yet except for players who can run strong Arts refund comps but not Quick.

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Yeah, it’s not a great place to be with much of her real farming beauty popping up post-Bride buff. I’m just glad in terms of competition she doesn’t have it nearly as bad as Arjuna does, and is still - like him… if differently - respectable on her own terms.

Like, she’s still got a lot going for her in the end at least, although however lore-tilted it is I do wish her Good-aligned buff got scrapped in the designing process for more actual damage, since she’s still fundamentally a DPS and it’s very rare that DW make an effective ‘semi-support’ (and they tend to be like Bride to my eyes, not “and also I can give extra Charisma” which will not be the deal-breaker running her with multiple supports).

Obviously assuming both good luck and also inapplicable to high-spenders, but:
Least if I roll and luck out now I know I don’t have to debate between e.g. Kama and her/Count, and I know for many others like myself that next year is packed. Of course I may well end up rolling then too, but I also passed Surfdred’s very first banner hoping I could nab her later, and what do you know. :upside_down_face:

(It actually, to a fair degree, has not mattered in the end by this point, but the convenience and love factor is there.)


looks at all my posts about AoE Archers with a battery

Yeah, my rationalization that I should wait if I want her will put her in close proximity to Arjuna Alter’s banner, and he’s my main target next year, so not a good match-up for her.

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For what it is worth, Jarcher’s still the best option for 6-slot final rotation of Gilfest this year imo.

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I thought people were not really into Moriarty. Most archers are good, but I always thought he kind of stuck out like a sore thumb.

But that forces a plugsuit, right?

From my understanding, all 6 slot comps need swap.

I could very well be wrong, but I thought that was the point of double Bride with rank up used with her. If not, then I really don’t get the hype. Increasing drop efficiency by a small % in exchange for a small increase in clear time per run doesn’t seem like a great tradeoff when you’re going for a large number of boxes.

I was talking about the Gilfest this year. Well 5 slot no swap vs 6 slot swap is up to personal judgement, personally I will always go for higher drops.

With that being said I can only do 5 slot swap comps this year

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Sorry, starting to blend the two together. I see what you mean :slight_smile:

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New tier placement list is out - Jeanne makes it to “A”

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She is super strongth, there’s no doubt about that

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