Jeanne support w/ Prisma Cosmos please

Anyone with Jeanne support, can you add me please? My friendlist is devoid of Jeanne’s for some reason, I’m desperate. Just for this event, you can delete me after that! Thanks in advance!

I’ve sent a request.
IGN: Fujimaru.

My Prisma isn’t MLB but hopefully that will be enough.

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You are The “Fujimaru”? Hah thanks for the Support. =) I am Ardain, and utilize your support assistance often. :fgo_buster:

It is the “default” surname so it might be someone else.
If the support lineup has a Tamamo glued to the all slot it might be mine, there is also usually a Kiara in Extra.

I’ve sent a request, my IGN is Ritsuka.

This is my current lineup.

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Thank you all. I managed to get through the Challenge Quests in the end, it was really tough though.

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Glad to hear that you made it.