Jehanna's Beloved Dancer Tethys at +10! ♥

Thanks Desert Mercenaries rerun!

I got the final copy needed to finish her at last! I had enough copies but with this banner rerunning, I’d figured I could save some feathers by trying to get her at 5 :star2: via spark summoning. Thankfully, she appeared before that!

Story Time. Long read with pictures

Before I begin, can we talk about how little fan art there is of Tethys? She seems to have the least attention of the GBA dancers despite her personality, design and overall charm. She stands out from the dancers with her vivid colors and her more mature appearance. I’ve always liked her aesthetics more than the other dancers. Ninian’s still my favorite one but Tethys was always a hard 2nd best dancer.

When playing FE8 for the first time in Chapter 5, her first appearance wasn’t anything special besides giving you a Dracoshield and telling her you missed her performance but she did one little thing. Before leaving, she winks at you. Not only was it something new in the GBA FE did with its character portraits but it really added to her charm.

Eirika’s Chapter 10 really made me like her since it was a rather hard chapter, her dances were very useful and her dancing animation was very lovely to see.


All that with her sassy dialogue with Innes and her devotion to his cause with Gerik despite them being in a dangerous situation gave me a good impression of her. Her support conversations didn’t disappoint either. Her supports with Ewan showed how much her care and love inspired Ewan to become a mage with good sibling banter, her supports with Marisa show how observant she is and despite them both being in love with their commander, they can get along just fine and her supports with Artur and Rennac shows her flirtatious side and her healthy admiration for beauty (while having no personal space for poor Artur :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Tethys Artur

Her support with Gerik sealed the deal for me. Abandoned by her parents and having a miserable life on streets with Ewan, she never gave up for her brother’s sake and decided to learn to dance from watching a random dancer despite having no talent in dancing. Despite falling and getting hurt many times through practicing, she worked hard to make her brother happy and perserved through hardship to become the mysterious charming dancer she is now.

She’s charming, she’s witty, she’s beautiful, she has a great motivation and character, she has long hair, what’s there not to love? :heart_eyes:
Tethys 1

Her debut in FEH as a dagger dancer and a female demote meant I had to make sure to +10 her. While she was pretty much Felicia who could dance, I still was dedicated to building her regardless. Once Temari+ was a thing, I knew what I had to do. (I still kinda regret fodder NY!Eir though. :feh_elisad:)
And here is her main build;

Her HP is surprisingly good for Infantry Pulse and two HP/Res 2 seals allow her to debuff as a lot of foes and soak up magical hits making her so useful in many game modes. I wish I had better sources of Sabotage Def and Fort.Def/Res 3 (I’m not foddering Mirabilis) but this build is really good on her.

This build is a WIP for her. Now that Sorcery Blade seal is a thing, I would like to give something like Close Counter and Mystic Boost for an offensive take on her once I get the skills. It could work really well for her.

And thus my 13th +10 is done two weeks after my 12th one! (She only needs one more dragonflower for her atk boost. She really doesn’t need the extra def and I got plenty more infantry units)

Have a good day and may Jehanna’s dancer grace you!


Congrats! The supportive build is awesome, she does so many things just by being there <3


Congrats for yet another +10, I really like to see how we train our common favourites (a lot maybe :eyes:).
I’ve decided to use 20k [Hero Feathers] right before showcasing mine here, she ain’t great with this build on a budget and her weapon will surely be replaced, but I’m glad to be working on her, reading your post has strengthened my resolve to further invest on her…well, not right away, with all the projects I have she’ll be done slowly but surely:

And I’ll certainly need fodder too :catroll:

Seriously, this bugs me as well, artists may be sleeping on her but she has a strong charm to get more fanart.
Still, I’m glad she’s got a truly gorgeous #art in #fire-emblem-heroes, and those voice lines :feh_arvisboneappetite:

Now, backtracking to your previous thread, I said this (about working on Tailtiu).
And well, the deed was done!

R.I.P., still not enough skills I think (and [Arena Coins]) but she’s still a potent unit to be reckoned with

Anywho, thank you so much for sharing your newest finished project and an insight of Tethys’ character, it’s helped me to remember (and learn) things of her


She looks great! She’s one of my merge projects as well

It really is a shame that she doesn’t have much fan art. Gerik as well from what I’ve seen. They’re both two of my favourite FE characters


That first build is pretty much exactly what I want to do with mine

Temari on AR-Ð is just too good


Nice job mate.