Jirachi Research

For those that don’t like spoilers stop reading

The rewards for step 1 are Feebas and Jigglypuff. DO NOT TRANSFER FEEBAS unless you have another one. Step 2 is to Evolve a Feebas. Step 2 is also Catch 3 Whismur. I finished 3 Use 10 Pinap Berries research for Loudred and none of the Loudred counted.

I caught a shiny feebas from my research, but my friend was saying he saw a bunch of people walking them all of a sudden. Is the shiny guaranteed like eevee was or just really good odds atm.

I got a normal, non-shiny feebas. I don’t know about shiny rates, but i think it might be possible, that people who already had a shiny are walking it now. If you need to walk and evolve something, why not pick the shiny?

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Definitely! I’m going to give my gibble a rest for a couple days

Shiny rates are dependent by species. Certain species have a higher shiny rate than normal. Pokemon like Sycther, Onix, Sneasel, etc… all have higher rates than the normal 1/450.

While there hasn’t been any definitive proof, since TSR’s shiny research started long after Feebas day, Feebas has always been speculated to also have a higher shiny rates due to people’s experiences and since it’s also a rare pokemon that doesnt commonly spawn.

So while the Jirachi’s missions Feebas isnt a guarentee shiny, feebas has a higher shiny rate so the chances of people getting one is high.

I’m surprised you caught a shiny because other than the Jump Start research I never heard anyone report they caught a shiny from special research

Exactly why I wanted to see if anyone else caught one. So checks in the mail for evolving a feebas, but I feel I’m going to be stuck looking for whismur for a while. I have a feeling a bunch will come out when the Ultra bonus kicks off tho.