Jirachi: will it see generalist use?

Personally I’m not a hardcore PvP player and the nerf for doom desire is not that significant and still usable. On the flip side, its buff in PvE made the strongest move in pogo (stronger than hydro cannon) and allows Jirachi to have a DPS of over 16, which is very good for a pokemon with only 210 attack. His DPS is comparable to pokemon like darkrai, which is 285 attack. Do you think Jirachi will see generalist use?

Edit: has a neutral TDO of I think 604 , which is higher than Dialga. Pretty impressive

If it’s still outperformed by MM Metagross, that role is not going to be significant for a lot of people. If your stats are accurate, though, that’s still really cool.


It just has lower attack. If it’s attack is like 250+ it is stronger than Metagross.

As powerful as Doom Desire is, Jirachi is still outclassed both as a Steel specialist and a Psychic specialist. And since generalists don’t have the crushing utility that they once did, it isn’t the best in this role either. Therefore, it is unlikely to see much use as a raid attacker unless you just want to use it for style points.

If you like Jirachi and want to use it though, go ahead. It’s certainly not Aggron-levels of bad. Fun wins over functionality in my opinion, since this is a game that we play for fun after all. It could also be a fun option for clearing lower-motivated gyms, since Doom Desire is such a fast move.

P.S. Doom Desire also has a very cool animation, so there’s also that!

Where can I find a clip of its animation?

Couldn’t find one online, so I uploaded a short video of the move’s animation to YouTube.

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Sweet. Thx