Hello @everyone !!

It has been created! A Discord server to join people from many different countries to snatch regional legendaries through remote passes!
The server code is or simply E2YntUBxBZ

About Discord: you can use it on phone and/or PC, but for the immedaite texting speed phone is recommended. You will only receive notifications if you are tagged, everyone keep in mind @everyone can be intrusive if used repeteadly, however this is a temporary server so it’s not a crazy idea to turn sound off during sleep hours.

About the server: I absolutely forbid spoofing in the server, we are arranging this because we’re obtaining this legally and goes against the spirit of the game to simply ask a spoofer to invite you, despite it not breaking any rules.

Feel free to ask stuff about the server either here or in the server itself, I gave everyone admin role so you all have to pull in orderr to make it work, if anything the most important thing is to respect the no spam channels to not clog it with banter messages and direct them to the actual banter channels.

About the raids: Azelf is easy to take down, Mesprit isn’t hard either but less frail than Azelf. Uxie tanks a lot, we’ll need a decent party to take it out. You can ask for team forming advice and ask people about their trainer levels and other relevant information to the raid to know the power of the party before using a pass.

Good luck everyone!

Thanks for the support so far :)

Why does my favorite of the 3 have to be the frailest’

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It’s a great attacker! Shame on you though that mewtwo is a thing and outclasses the guy, but doesnt make it any less good

Hey. Don’t assume people are spoofing just because they speak English and live in Asia, specifically Japan. I was hoping to get Azelf or Mesprit using this server but I’ll use the normal gamepress one since you blindly banned me.

I don’t think it was a manual ban. It could be that you need to click on the colored heart of the Lake Trio available where you live. After that I think it lets you back into the general conversation area. I was confused about being limited, then I searched around and found the correct heart to click on. At least that is my impression/opinion.

I normally go out of my way to avoid Discord, so knowing the mechanics of a server should be far from a given. Knowing how to code in something is not immediately known

I was kicked out the server completely and can’t rejoin at all. I’m not being limited because of the heart (which I chose correctly). I was asked if I am Japanese or Asian because I invited people to a Japan based raid. Then Haruka said spoofing isn’t allowed. before I could answer, I was removed from the server. Very irritating and bad etiquette to accuse someone of spoofing with literally no proof.

If so probably a loss on the servers’ end, being an English based site more Azelf invites probably will come through. Some of the Asian lobbies may fill up with too many remote passes. I get occasional invites from Japan and I can’t get in (maybe lucky that Lake Trio worthless Dex entries so less likely to fill)

I would like to join the Discord in order to participate in a Mesprit/Uxie raid

Not too shabby. But we had 10 people in the raid using seemingly good stuff, we finished with 175 seconds left. Maybe be wary if you have 4 or 5 in a lobby…I guess I should check the TTW on the lake trio. The one we fought had Thunder, seems Tyranitar not the fastest option and it often isn’t

Joined, I can invite to Mesprit, hopefully can get invite to the other two :pray:

I have never used discord, is it relatively intuitive? Be perfectly happy with just one each of the other regions.

I caught a Uxie yesterday, today Mesprit ran. 13 balls both times. I haven’t been active on this server but I put my friendship code there and accepted the friends…which is how I got those invites. Gonna have to do some legwork to get the Mesprit is seems because interest might wane for the local and exotic raiders

Gonna look to do a Mesprit on my way home from work in about an hour, will look for your code on discord

Got another Mesprit invite but it only ended up with 3 trainers, against Future Sight. The other two had ok pokemon but it looked like one shiny Tyranitar was using SD/Fire blast…we lost by that much. A little scared to go against recommended bc the people that invite leave before timer starts and my two maxed Gira-o might not survive long enough. I guess rule should be, try to dodge with my Darkrai…the Tyranitars need to be hit with Future Sight

@Haruka_the_Sylveon If possible, I’d like to join the Discord server in order to participate in a Uxie/Mesprit raid

The invite link is on the top of the post @LordMorningstar

@susiealta check the first post of this thread, that’s where the link is

Uxie is usually toughest, most players are from America or Europe

For unknown reasons, I can’t access it. It takes forever to load