Joint Operation 2 Advice

So, I assume we’ll eventually be getting Joint Ops 2. However, it’s looking less and less likely that we’ll be getting it before the Ceobe/Skadi banner is over.

So, I need some advice. I really want to get Blaze (Saria and Mostima too, though not quite as much). I currently have 11000+ Orubdum, 50+ yellow Certs and 32 Originium Prime. However, I haven’t gotten all the current outfits yet (and there are still 2 i would like, Angelina’s and Greythroat’s), and I haven’t done the free 5* or above within 10 pulls in the Skadi/Crobe banner. I also haven’t bought Lappland from the store and don’t have one yet.

I really want a Lappland, but I could get 5 free headhundt tickets for 40 in the store right now (I also have one headhunt for 450 green certs lef). I really want to get the outfits, and I do still have a lot of stages i have yet to get the originium prime from (started late and have been moving slowly, currently mid-way through episode 5). And, I haven’t done the Heart of Surging Flame event (I wasn’t a player when it first came out) so I believe I will be getting Originium Prime from those stages.

Finally, there is the 30$ Dokutah’s choice pack. I have generally been entirely F2P on mobile games but due to how good a game Arknights is (seriously, this thing is written and treated less like a mobile game and more like a full fledged consol game, at least plot wise) as well as how, at least from what I’ve seen, the dev-community relationship has been majorly positive, I have been willing to get the 5 dollar monthly boost pack and have been considering buying this 30$ one as well.

So, with all this in mind, does anyone have any suggestions/advice?

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I assume that the $30 pack will be gone by the time JO arrives.
So here are two options for you:

Option 1 -
Buy $30 pack. - Get Blaze and forget about JO banner.
Roll guarantee on Ceobe/Skadi - hope for Lappland. If you don’t get her, buy Lappland from store.

Start to save your Orundum and yellow certs so you have a better chance of getting the ops you really like.

Option 2
Don’t buy $30 pack.
Buy Lappand from store.
Save everything else for JO and roll for a 6 star there (3/4 for one you like is pretty good odds, so you probably won’t be disappointed.

Some general advice:

  • save your yellow certs for operators you really like or until you have 256 of them (to buy all the headhunting permits in one month)
  • don’t buy the 450 green cert headhunting tickets
  • the $5 monthly pack is excellent value
  • if you can, save your Originite Prime for skins (you’ll get most ops through headhunting and recruitment at some point in the future anyway)
  • start to skip banners (and the guarantee) once you feel you have enough ops for a balanced squad and focus on saving for specific favourites

I wrote out a checklist of what I do some months back to help influence my gacha luck. Maybe some of those points will help you out too:

The $30 pack is a good deal if you’re willing to spend the money–though I can certainly sympathize with being too poor to throw down money on a ftp game (considering I basically made a thread asking people to convince me that pack is worth it). It you do decide to buy it, one thing to keep in mind–while you only have 4 days left to buy it (meaning chances that the banner will show up before it ends are getting pretty slim), you have until the morning reset on 2/27/21 to actually use it–so there’s a good chance the Joint Operator banner will come before that expires. You can then blow all your rolls, and if you get everyone you want from the banner you can use the pack one someone else you like.

Either way, I’d recommend buying Lappland from the store if you seriously want her. Even with a rate up on the rolls, having a 50% chance being split up into 3 for the 5* is actually pretty low odds statistically–a 16.66% chance of any particular 5* you get being the one specific one you want. If you’re still a relatively new player and are missing a decent chunk of types of operators, then do enough rolls for the guaranteed 5* and stop there, buy Lappland if you didn’t get her. Otherwise, just buy her and save your rolls for banners you really want something from.

I’d also not recommend spending the yellow certs on HH tickets until you have the 256 to buy all of them for the month–otherwise, save them and spend them on specific operators you want.

  • If you don’t mind buying, then DO IT, even better value for non veteran.
    Buy 30$, pick a high impact one, to balance your squad composition
    Like it or not, using some big names will definitely step up your game.

  • Use your cert wisely

  1. Green
    Only buy 2 permit from first batch,
    second batch for 450x2 is a big NO, better for mats,
    most notable Durian and Device,
    or any mats you urgently needed.

  2. Yellow
    Truly precious, proceed with caution.
    For a 5* Lappland is worthy, others are Ptilopsis, Texas, Platinum/BP, I forgot the rest
    For 6*, your choice.
    Or save until you can buy all Permit at once.

  • Skin? This is where i spent my Originium mostly, sometimes for refill, but NOT for headhunting.
    For skin, don’t have to get them all.
    Don’t stressed out yourself.
    Pick what suit you
    I prefer 18 to have different visual
    And be really really picky in 15 one.

  • Do not participate this joint banner, more highlights, less chance.
    Aim for Lappy, yes.
    If fail, it’s okay to buy

Thanks. This was really helpful and you’ve given me a lot to think about.

Also, that Aak comment. I now feel bad that I got 3 Nians and only one Aak when I first joined the game (I joined right when Nian’s banner started and ended up getting 3 of her without sinking any money).

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