[JP] 1/31 LB 7 “Golden Tree Sea Journey Nahui Mictlan: The One Who Controls the Planet” Part II General Discussion & Stream

Stream to start on January 31st at 1900 JST with the Pre-Stream starting at 1830JST. Stream to cover last minute information on Part II of LB7 before it’s release after the Stream. Note that the Stream won’t be live and has already been recorded in advance.

The following people will be involved:

  • Ayako Kawasumi (Artoria)
  • Chiaki Kobayashi (Bartholomew Roberts)
  • Minami Tanaka (Ortlinde, Nitocris)
  • MC Mafia Kajita

Youtube Stream

Live translation by Tolovetrouble on Twitch

Stream info

LB 7 Part 1 Thread


Reserved for Recap

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The following topics of discussion are both allowed and encouraged:

  • Previous story content
  • Speculations or theories about LB 7
  • Any new gameplay features
  • The gameplay of the new Servants though there will be dedicated topics for each of them

Regarding Story Spoilers:

  • When in doubt, use Hide Details
  • Basic stuff like the names of people/Servants and locations are allowed
  • Major story spoilers like the appearance of a major/unexpected character, like U-Olga in LB5, or character deaths should be hidden and properly marked as major spoilers

Pre Stream should be in about 30 minutes with the main stream in about an hour.

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Stream has started

jesus christ they postponed Part II AGAIN


Is this true?

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Guy, I’m beginning to think they actually are an indie company


So it is true :fgo_badciv:

At this point I don’t even expect a proper Valentine’s event this year… ffs


Today’s menu is grass w

I though the delay was some last minute thing but no, they already knew it was going to be delayed even during this pre-recorded stream that was recorded a while ago.


At this point, I feel like they spend most of their effort just keeping the server alive.
It’s probably spaghetti by this point

I am severely disappointed with JP 2022 and how they kept on focusing in on and hyping for LB7. If LB 7 fails to live up to it’s hype even after all the resources poured into it and all the delays I’m probably going to just drop the game.


They could’ve inform us of the delay earlier but choose to do it while the stream starts at last minute.

Well played Lasagna, but the Fate IP isn’t going to save this game forever you know.

There better be something worth it with all of that giggling. :fgo_nobutea:

I’m just mad that they announced it THIS late.

At least do it a week or two beforehand.


Lasengle(8-16 seconds is all you need, couldn’t find an isolated clip):

Fucking called it

Live service at its finest :fgo_circesigh: